25.3% of patients attending cosmetic clinics in Dubai are men

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Not only do women suffer from psychological stress due to aesthetic defects, but men also suffer from low self-confidence when they have certain appearance-related defects, according to doctors.

Many can try to exercise and rearrange their eating habits to get rid of aesthetic defects in the body. But the lack of positive results leads many of them to consider having plastic surgery.

Until a few years ago, the term cosmetic surgery was limited to women, people with deformities and deep wounds. However, the development of cosmetic devices and techniques has prompted many young men and men to crowd out the women in beauty centers, while official statistics showed that 25.3% of the total number of patients undergoing Beautician operations in the country, last year, were male.

Specialist doctors explained that the number of men going for plastic surgery is constantly increasing, including young men, but most of them are over 35 years old.

Their reasons for doing so vary, ranging from coping with the effects of aging and aging, seeking a flawless appearance, or meeting work conditions and demands that require preserving the features of youth.

They mentioned that the most popular cosmetic procedures for men are Botox, fillers, tummy tuck, and beard definition.

In detail, recent statistics released by the Dubai Health Authority showed that the total number of patients attending private sector skincare clinics reached 583,909 patients in the past year, compared to 223,507 patients in 2020, a significant increase of 360,402 patients. a significant increase in the number of applicants for this type of service and treatment.

The statistics revealed that men accounted for 25.3% of the total number of visitors to beauty clinics and centers, and that 21.3% of this percentage were citizens, compared to 78.7% of residents.

There are 18 types of cosmetic treatments available at these clinics.

The statistics also showed a significant increase in the demand for cosmetic services in Dubai, by 161.2% in the last year compared to 2020.

Dr. Khalid Salem Al-Nuaimi, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Laser Physician, Clinical Professor at the University of Sharjah College of Medicine, said men’s desire for cosmetic surgery stems from their awareness of the importance of maintaining appearance, indicating that 30 years ago men were not interested in this type of service. openness to other societies has had an impact on culture.

He said the most popular cosmetic procedures for men are “Botox” to treat wrinkles, especially between the eyebrows and forehead, and “Filler” to treat symptoms of aging in the lower eye area and smile lines around the mouth.

He added that men in the age group of 40 and over were around 10 years ago the most in demand for these types of services, but clinics started to see attendance from young people at the age of 25. years.

He added that some professions and jobs require their owners to constantly search for cosmetic services, especially those working in the media, social media celebrities and professions in which the employee’s face is a reflection of the face. quality of the work he does, and demands that the owner be constantly with youthful features.

He said that male breast plastic surgery is one of the few operations, and it is accepted by those who suffer from the phenomenon of “gynecomastia” and need reconstructive operations that restore the breast to its natural form.

Consultant dermatologist, Professor at Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Anwar Al-Hammadi, said that plastic surgeries for men differ according to age groups because “the young man aged 35 and above is keen to look younger, while young men at the age of 20 are eager to define the beard.

He added that “the emergence of a different lifestyle, punctuated by the exchange and sharing of photos and appearances on social networks, has prompted many to beautify their faces and bodies”, noting that “the people coming to these operations are more and more numerous”. , due to the availability and ease of services.”

He pointed out that “Botox”, “fillers” and “laser” are the most common, while “liposuction” and “slimming” operations come after these procedures in terms of demand.

In turn, Dr. Qasim Ahli, plastic surgery consultant in Dubai, said that plastic surgeries for men are divided into two parts, the first is non-surgical, such as (Botox injections, especially for wrinkles), and surgery, such as (some men have breast reduction surgery).

As for the most common procedures in recent times, they include the treatment of sagging skin and skin growths in the abdomen, chest and arms, in men, especially after performing operations such as ” cut belly” to lose weight.

He believed that the most important reasons for men’s demand for plastic surgery was that UAE society was financially affluent, which facilitated the demand for such services.

Male breast reduction

Men want to emphasize their distinctive features, to appear more masculine. For example, one of the common aesthetic problems that many of them suffer from is the growth of large breasts, as a result of hormonal changes in the body and weight gain.

To overcome this situation, some of them resort to breast reduction surgery by removing excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from the chest so that it becomes flat and the patient has the more manly look.








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