10 skincare trends that will change your beauty routine in 2023


So what’s the big one Skin care trends for next year?

We all dream of healthy skin. But the road to luminous skin can seem endless given the wealth of information we have. With sales expected to reach $207 billion by 2028 in the international beauty market, we can expect cutting-edge treatments and products, more effective and advanced tools and innovations in the sector. Whether it’s for a naturally “sculpted” face or adopting a smarter skincare routine, Vogue magazine Talk to the experts in the field to learn about the key skincare trends for 2023.

1- A sculpted face

A wave of new treatments promise to deliver a more defined face than ever before. EmFace technology, which will be launched in the UK in March, combines radio frequencies with high-intensity electric fields to stimulate collagen and elastin production, tighten skin and strengthen the underlying muscle structure of the face for a more sculpted appearance. Guaranteed without needles and without social eviction, this treatment is a great ally to avoid sagging skin.

It will also be launched by the hugely popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Sophie Shooter Advanced modulation of collagen remodeling, a series treatment that begins with injections of Allergan’s new hybrid, HARmonyCa, to restore facial volume while boosting natural collagen production. Part two of the treatment, done the following month, uses Volite, an injectable hyaluronic acid that boosts hydration and texture. Back home, I will be prescribed an ingestible collagen solution and retinoid cream to stimulate collagen production from within.

At 111 Harley Street, London, the high-performance RF and micro-link system Potenza Helps rejuvenate, lift and firm the skin. Be careful: your skin may appear red within two days of treatment.

2- In-depth skin care

Everyone knows that to have healthy skin, having a balanced lifestyle is essential. But according to Future labToday, we seek to incorporate “formulas and tools designed by science in the service of beauty that have direct beneficial effects on our health.” Take, for example, the rejuvenating care ofI seeWhich activates the body’s lymphatic system, or massage tool Theraface Pro Inspired by the percussion gun to reduce stress-related facial tension and migraine relief (while clearing the skin). Products of the future aim for more than just skin health: they will also take care of our general well-being.

3- Glow for skin and soul

Salon treatments are no longer just meant to enhance the appearance of the skin. Andrea PfeifferFounder of the London Clinic Pfeiffer Salrecently launched its new initiative C. Salon is excellent. After a session, skin reveals a sassy glow, just like your soul thanks to breathing work, an introduction to astrotherapy and nutritional tips that complement facial treatments. “Treatments can no longer be one-dimensional,” she explains. “When you step out of the salon, you must have had a transformative experience combining benefits. In addition to having gorgeous skin, you were able to de-stress and restore spiritual balance.”

4- Prevention, not treatment

“Millennials and Generation Z have not yet thought about fighting the signs of aging because they are not getting old yet,” he says. Doctor Shooter. They crave preventive care. They choose cosmetic treatments in their twenties or thirties after seeing very subtle signs of skin aging. lower volumes of injection, and resort to gentler protocols.

5-strengthens the skin barrier

In 2022, the skin barrier is at the heart of our concerns. We learned that without a strong barrier, looking good was a long way off. This year, we’re going to focus even more on customized care for this integral part of the skin, by focusing our efforts on the microbiome (aka skin flora). “Any ingredients harmful to the microbiome, such as alcohol or benzoyl peroxide, no longer have a place in our formulations,” he explains. Dr. Tina MeaderAesthetic Dermatologist and Physician of GetHarley. “We will increasingly seek to stimulate the microbiome specifically with gentle formulations of prebiotics. People with acne or rosacea, and those with sensitive skin, can rejoice in this new trend.”

6- A combination of laser treatments

According to the beautician Debbie ThomasCombining several types of laser treatments makes it possible to treat different skin problems in one session. Obviously, these treatments must be done completely safely by a professional: “Whether it’s overcoming an acne outbreak, a hyperpigmented area, or the appearance of rosacea, the skin will be stronger and more elastic as a whole,” she says.


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