Why is it useful and how to include it in your hair routine?

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A pre-shampoo treatment is a protective remedy designed to further nourish hair that lacks moisture. These are usually oils, conditioners or butters that are applied to dry hair before shampooing with the usual cleansing product. They help lock in moisture and hydration to keep hair healthy, soft, strong and shiny.

Why is pre-shampoo treatment beneficial for hair?

pre-shampoo treatment for hair

When working with natural or damaged hair, the number one goal is to restore and maintain a healthy looking head of hair. While you may rely on various hair care products to meet your needs, it’s common to find that your hair needs a little extra TLC.

As the name suggests, pre-shampoo is a treatment applied to the hair before regular shampooing. These hair treatments can come in a variety of formulations, including butters, conditioners, hair masks, and hair oils. Depending on the product instructions, they are applied to wet or dry hair before cleansing with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Why is it beneficial? You may know that some hair types, such as very fine hair, are fragile. And when it comes time to wash, hair can break from constant rubbing and massaging. With a pre-shampoo, your hair gets an extra layer of moisture that can provide extra protection.

Depending on the product you use, they also help detangle your strands before you start cleaning your tresses, minimizing the risk of breakage. Not to mention, there are products that can help remove excess styling products, dirt, and oil that can build up on your roots.

Types of pre-shampoo care products

hair care tips before washing

There are no hard and fast rules about what kind of pre-shampoo product to use. Some people use oils (like olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil), while others prefer aloe vera, mango butter, and even after-ordinary shampoo, alone or combined with an oil. Regardless of the product you use, you can pre-set as often as needed depending on the condition of your hair.

Hair oils

Applying oils before shampooing is effective if you’re looking to add extra moisture to your curly or straight hair. They are among the most used remedies to repair dry hair and damage caused by heat, chemicals or dyes. And since oils don’t wash out easily after shampooing, a lot of the oil will remain in your hair after washing, allowing you to deeply hydrate it.

Pre-shampoo care oils include:
– coconut oil
– avocado oil
– almond oil
– Argan oil

Conditioner with aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel conditioner is another option for dry strands, as it also moisturizes. It’s also helpful if you’re struggling with dandruff. It is an effective remedy for reducing inflammation and itching caused by dandruff, while its antifungal properties can help prevent dandruff.

Hair butters

Hair butters such as shea, mango, cocoa or hemp butters help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. These products can also rebuild damaged hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth and fullness. In addition to strengthening hair, these butters provide additional hydration for shinier, softer hair.

pre-shampoo hair routine

Pre-shampoo treatment is a simple process that takes little time. Since it takes place before applying shampoo and conditioner, the chosen product should be applied to dry hair. This allows the product to coat the strands and hold moisture before wetting the hair.

Divide to better distribute the product

To make it easier for you, apply the product to your hair in sections. Divide hair into 4-8 sections, depending on length and thickness. This makes it easier to distribute the product evenly over the strands. Coat hair with product from root to tip. Then use a comb to carefully detangle each section.

wet it

As a general rule, pre-shampoo conditioner should be left on hair for at least 30 minutes before shampooing. The longer you leave it, the better. If you prefer, apply it at the start of the day and wash your hair several hours later. Or, apply it to your hair in the evening, wrap it in a scarf and wash it out in the morning. After letting the protectant sit, wash and condition your hair as usual. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid residue.








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