The benefits of cantaloupe for the diet are excellent, so do not hesitate to eat it

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Cantaloupe or melon is a juicy summer fruit. It contains a lot of nutrients and is very popular in weight loss diets, as it is considered one of the favorite snacks between meals, but it should also be consumed in moderation and not abused.
On the benefits of cantaloupe for dieting, nutritionist Mirna Al-Fatta confirms that it “provides satiety thanks to its high fiber content, and that it contains a large amount of beta-carotene and vitamin A to protect the skin and eliminate toxins from the body by If cantaloupe is eaten instead of dinner, it helps in weight loss and lowers blood pressure.” It is best eaten with nuts to benefit from all the vitamins, fiber and antioxidants they contain and to lose fat, especially in the abdominal area.

Dietitian Mirna El-Fat

How cantaloupe help with weight loss?

Cantaloupe helps with weight loss

Cantaloupe is a fruit rich in water, which quickly increases the feeling of satiety, and thus reduces the need to eat food and get more calories, which is why doctors recommend eating one or two slices of cantaloupe before lunch or between meals, to reduce the feeling of hunger.
Practical studies have confirmed that the consumption of fruits rich in natural sugars and water reduces the risk of obesity and weight gain, especially in middle-aged women.
– Cantaloupe contains effective compounds to stimulate the fat burning process in the body, increase the feeling of fullness and significantly improve intestinal health.
– Cantaloupe plays an important role in suppressing the appetite and improving the metabolism of the body, then works to lose weight in a healthy and healthy way.
– Eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds reduces the risk of many diseases, and has many benefits for the body.
Foods that contain a high percentage of fiber, such as cantaloupe and watermelon, help you feel full and control hunger, helping to control weight.
Cantaloupe is low in calories (about 60 calories in a quarter of a melon) and contains no fat or cholesterol. Containing 14 grams of sugar per serving, cantaloupe sugars can help satisfy sweet cravings, especially after a meal.
– The calories in cantaloupe are nothing to worry about because they are high in water. And if you’re trying to cut calories, eating a bite or two before lunch or between meals can help curb hunger and make it easier to control remaining portions.

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What are the main benefits of cantaloupe for the body?

Many studies have suggested that eating fruits like cantaloupe protects the body against obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and promotes healthy hair and skin.
Like many fruits and vegetables, cantaloupe is fat and cholesterol free.
Contains 100% of the daily value of vitamin C; One of the powerful antioxidants that protects cells in the body from damage, and all you need daily vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyes, skin, bones and immune system, and about 12% of the daily recommended potassium which is important for the heart. , muscles and blood pressure.
Cantaloupe is also packed with vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, vitamin K, niacin, choline, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and selenium.
Cantaloupe helps lower blood pressure thanks to its high potassium content and low sodium content.
Contains many nutrients essential for bone health, including folic acid, vitamin K and magnesium.
Regular consumption of fruits like cantaloupe is associated with a lower risk of diabetes and related health complications. This is likely due to the fiber and other health-promoting nutrients present in the fruit.
It consists of water, which gives the body the necessary hydration.
Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that stimulates collagen production, protects the skin from sun damage and supports the immune system.
It is very high in fiber and is known to promote good digestion. It may be better tolerated than high fiber foods by women with digestive disorders, and helps protect against constipation and maintain gut health.

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Note from “Madame Clean”: Before applying this recipe or treatment, consult a specialist.




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