What foods reduce the risk of hair loss

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What instantly affects our confidence in our looks is the bad condition of our hair. Hair loss is a natural thing, especially when the seasons change. But hair loss can also occur for a number of other reasons. Food is one.

While we buy beautiful cosmetics for our hair and do hair care at our hairdresser, we must not forget that we also nourish our hair from within. Certain foods have been shown to reduce the risk of hair loss and promote hair growth. Check out some of them.

Red meat

Lean red meat is one of the most useful foods to prevent hair loss. It is the most easily absorbed source of iron, which is needed to help create hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. Red meat also provides us with sulfur, which also helps keep hair follicles healthy.

The iron allows other nutrients to be absorbed more easily by the hair follicles, while the sulfur promotes new hair growth. Red meat, especially dark beef and pork liver, also contains vitamin A, vitamin B3, which are important for scalp and hair. However, remember that sausages are not healthy for hair.


Our hair is mainly composed of keratin and proteins. That is why it is important to have enough protein-rich foods in our menu to reduce the risk of hair loss. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, sulfur and biotin, which support keratin production. Other important sources of protein and biotin are chicken, low-fat cheese, beans, and others.

Seafood and fish

Seafood is essential for the growth and maintenance of our hair. Fish contains sulfur and provides us with essential fatty acids. Zinc-rich foods such as clams, shrimp and oysters can help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles. Zinc plays a key role in many body functions, including hair growth.

It helps build cells, control hormones and absorb vitamins from the foods we eat. Fish is also very good for our hair. Although you should not overdo the consumption of fish containing mercury, such as mackerel.


Oats not only provide us with energy and satiety, but are also considered a food that reduces hair loss. Oats contain important minerals for hair growth such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, iron. That’s why oatmeal is a superfood for our hair.

Dried fruit and nuts

A great addition to healthy desserts, oatmeal, or eaten as is. Nuts with no added sugar such as prunes, apricots, cherries, dates, figs and others are rich in iron, sulfur and biotin. On the other hand, almonds, walnuts and cashews are an excellent source of vitamin E, which improves blood circulation to the scalp, and inositol, which keeps hair follicles healthy.

The delicious sprouts provide us with an important nutrient for hair health: silicon dioxide. They are another food that can help reduce the risk of hair loss. The body uses silica to more efficiently absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods we eat. Thus, the follicles are well nourished, new cells are formed and new hair growth is generated.

Hair grows from skin follicles at the base of the hairline and needs nutrients to form new cells and generate healthy hair growth. Silica is also found in cucumbers, red and green peppers, potatoes, oysters and others.








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