Warning against the consumption of vegetable cheese for children. Experts reveal its dangers (private)

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Doctors have warned of the dangers for children of eating cheese containing vegetable oils, especially palm oil. Due to its negative health effects, it leads to heart disease.

The warning is consistent in content with what the General Veterinary Association had previously warned, through its deputy and the head of the Food Safety Committee, regarding the consumption of cheese made from vegetable oils, because excessive consumption of it causes kidney damage, allergies and diarrhea. , with the possibility of heart attacks.

There are two types of cheese, the first is useful and contains nutrients because it is made from milk or cream or natural butter is added to it.

The second is a cheese based on vegetable oils, in particular palm oil, where the milk fat is eliminated and replaced by vegetable oils to reduce the cost, in addition to adding certain emulsifiers such as phosphate sodium, which can lead to health complications.

Cheese made from vegetable oils contains a large amount of saturated fat, which causes high levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, heart and vascular diseases, as well as fat accumulation in the abdominal region, which leads to weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Al-Ain News spoke with doctors in nutrition, immunology and public health; about the health risks of consuming cheese made from vegetable oils, as well as about the best choices when it comes to eating cheese.

Palm oil causes chronic diseases

Dr Linda Gad Al-Haq, clinical nutrition consultant in Egypt, warned against eating young and old cheeses to which unhealthy vegetable oils have been added. Because it has an adverse effect on a person’s general health.

Jad told Al-Ain News that there are vegan cheeses made from soy (tofu), which are healthy and safe to eat, unlike cheese which contains unhealthy vegetable oils, especially coconut oil. webbed.

The specialist described palm oil as “very poor and is considered one of the worst types of oil”, explaining that manufacturers add it to cheese because it is very cheap and its validity lasts a long time, and so for the owner of the product. , it is very good.

And she continues: “But from a health point of view, the effect of vegetable oils on the body is very negative and not at all beneficial, especially that of palm trees, because it increases the rate of inflammation, which is one of the main causes of major health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.”

And she continued, “Because of this type of oil, the body’s immunity decreases, as it leads to oxidation, which causes most diseases and ultimately affects a person’s overall health.”

And Dr Linda advised buying the cheese written on its cover, “100% natural and without vegetable oils”, adding: “For those who find it difficult to buy it, they can find it at any incense at a cheaper price, but do not turn to the types that contain vegetable oils in their composition.”

For children, she advised focusing on consuming milk in case natural cheese is not found or cannot be purchased, as well as foods such as eggs, beans, honey with tahini, jam and halva.

Vegetable oils cause heart disease

Dr. Ghada Nasr, professor of public health at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine in Egypt, discussed the dangers of consuming cheese containing unhealthy vegetable oils, stressing the need to pay attention to cheeses made from products natural dairy.

Nasr told Al-Ain News that eating foods containing unhealthy vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats is dangerous for human health. Because it contains saturated fats that cause long-term chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

And she continued, “There’s also medical research that has found that these hydrogenated oils and fats cause long-term carcinogenic diseases.”

Regarding the effect of the consumption of these cheeses on children, the professor of public health believes that it exposes children to heart disease and atherosclerosis at an early stage in their lives, especially with unhealthy eating behavior and a lack of movement.

Therefore, the specialist advised not to give children foods or foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oils or processed meats, and to resort to natural cheeses that do not contain any additives, while making sure to provide them with fruits and vegetables. 5 times a day, provided that the quantity is equal to a handful.

Fatty foods infect the child with cholesterol

Dr. Atef Donia, professor of pediatrics and neonatology at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, saw that talking about the dangers of cheese that includes vegetable oils such as palms needs analysis and precision for the discourse to or a reference.

Dunya told Al-Ain News, “It is necessary to carry out a careful analysis of the composition of palm oil to know its advantages, disadvantages and side effects”, considering that all the components are a A double-edged sword that has advantages and risks.

The specialist advised mothers to focus on feeding children with a healthy and balanced diet containing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements. To provide the little one with everything he needs.

He stressed the need to avoid foods that are not high in fat, lest children get high cholesterol and obesity at an early age.








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