Thermal 2023: the best spa and thalassotherapy treatments


Take care of your healthy capital, yes, but in complete freedom! This is the leitmotif of 2023. Thus, Chaîne thermale du Soleil offers everyone, regardless of age or illness, the opportunity to spend five days, without a prescription, in one of its twenty spas. An experience that will definitely make you want to do it again. Valvital also offers “free” stays. In thalassotherapy, this freedom is at the service of the quest for energy, the need to move, to preserve the radiance of youth and to get rid of stress. Often, the lucky customer chooses a basic program and adds à ​​la carte treatments.

The best spa treatments

Breathe better at Thermes de Luchon

Recommended in Diseases of the ear, nose and throat Thanks to him High sulphate waterBagnères-de-Luchon is changing. From next March, the restored neoclassical buildings will welcome spa guests. And children will find space in their size. The resort encourages people to come in pairs, or even more, to escape frequent rhinitis, asthma, angina and laryngitis as a family. They enjoyed a vaporarium together, a natural bath unique in Europe, while waiting for a spa center to open.

In practice: ENT freedom, 6 days with 6 treatments a day: 180 € per person, 240 € for two. Bagnères-de-Luchon Thermal Baths, information. : 05 61 94 52 52 and Plus accommodation in Vacancéole, an Illixon residence, from €52 for two people:

Protect your privacy at Challes-les-Eaux

L’Improve the quality of life After treatment measure: +45% in gynecology, According to the solar thermal series. The French leader dedicates three centers to them: Bourbon-l’Archambault, Luxeuil-les-Bains and especially Chales-les-Eaux, in Savoie. post or MenopauseTreated conditions range from vaginal dryness to recurrent yeast infections, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea. About 10% of women suffer from these menstrual painthat does not pass after adolescence. A good opportunity to take care of his privacy.

In practice: Free GYN treatment, 5 days: 350 euros and accommodation at Maison aux Iris, in Challes-les-Eaux, 540 euros for 2 days. information. : 01 42 65 24 24 and

Ease your back at Campo-les-Bains

the rheumatism; It is the main orientation of the centers of the thermal chain of the sun. Everyone suffersarthritis or joint problems Find solace in Cambo-les-Bains, for its Basque location, Belle Époque thermal baths, and its soothing and decongestant waters. Thanks to the new free remedies, you can improve your back pain with thanks mud bathAnd pool jetsAnd Relaxing massageIn theBack to school workshopdaily yoga. Additional treatment day is 50 EUR.

In practice: Free RHU treatment 5 days: 350 euros and accommodation in Le Levant Residence, in Cambo-les-Bains, 810 euros for 6 nights with breakfast. information. : 01 42 65 24 24 and

Recovered from covid in laborpool

After 14,000 years spent in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, the Water is drawn from Bourboule is anti-radical, Anti-inflammatories and anti-infectives. The combination of benefits is just right for people coming out of covid, often exhausted, and with respiratory impairment. An interview with psychologist Christophe Terlink begins this week: it includes 6 daily treatments under the dome of the Belle Époque in Grands Thermes, but also a wide range of activities imbued with positive psychology.

In practice: Respiratory methods after Covid, 6 days: 349 euros, Le Grand Thermes, Info. : 04 73 81 21 00 and Plus accommodation at the Parc des Fées, from €50 per room for two. information. : 04 73 81 01 77 and

Resting in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax when you are a carer

Caregiving is often necessary, sometimes chosen, and always stressful. This week in Landes reminds us that we must Take care of yourself to be useful to others. The idea, then, is to forget about everyday life and the weight of responsibilities. Apps Puppy slushAnd Showers of turpentineAnd Pine essential oil massage Follow each other in a carefree environment, between the lake and the pine forest, at the Sorsio Spa and its five thermal pools, with jacuzzi and counter currents.

In practice: Cure Aidants, 6 days: 315 euros. with half board in Best Western 3 * from 1035 €. information. : 05 58 90 60 85 and

This year, try to win one Eight thalasso stays By answering quiz questions for free (from January 5, 2023 to February 1, 2023 at 11:59 pm inclusive).

Learn how to move more in Brides-les-Bains

Puppeteer is one of the six “complete spas” in France: you learn Weight lossbut also Move more, better and without pain. At the foot of the Three Valleys we receive many athletes. In addition to the expertise of physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports educators, there are state-of-the-art facilities, such as a cardio training area. Precious and potent though, the waters of Brides-les-Bains are for individual treatments in the large thermal spa. But 3 km away, by way of a road along the river or by shuttle, the Great Salins Thermal Pool offers aquatics lessons.

In practice: Cure Amplitude, 6 days: 805 euros plus 137 euros for a room for two, with full board at the Hôtel des Alpes. information. : 04 79 55 21 08 and Brides-les-Bains thermal baths: 04 79 55 23 44 and

Best Thalasso Remedies for Sleeping and Tummy Tuck

Pamper your belly at Alliance Pornic

Our second brain, as we call it the belly, regulates the feeling of hunger and interferes with sleep or pain… and with age it tends to swell. Including the Cardi/Check to assess elasticity of the arteries, these 7 days begin with a recallThe importance of germs (or intestinal microbiota). who are they massage Inspired by qi ni zang, chinese viscera massage, two Abdominal LPG sessionsTwo acupressure treatments with a belt frame, five sessions of The gym is under pressure. Based on breathing, it maintains the perineum. After a few morning walks, seven days later, the belly just melted away.

In practice: Abdominal health, 6 days, 29 treatments, from 2127 € half board at Alliance Pornic, info. : 02 40 82 21 21 and

Back to sleep at Valdys Resort Douarnenez

Restoring sleep requires waking up the muscles. But also through a set of massages that encourage letting go Foot massage to Modeling under the sea rain. GR34 (customs footpath) which passes at the foot of the thalasso, encourages an iodized walk between heather and gorse. Perfect for easily falling into the arms of Morpheus!

In practice: Zen and sleep, 6 days with accommodation from 1,800 euros. Valdes Dornenez Resort, info. : 02 98 74 47 47 and

The best thalassotherapy treatments to leave and take care of yourself

Rejuvenate yourself at Relais Thalasso Île de Ré

Go back to fishing in four days! That’s the promise of Relais Thalasso Île de Ré, which has been renovated with an environmentally friendly goal. With this new treatment, the center delivers 4 treatments a day Including 3 revitalizing thalassotherapy sessions and a deep relaxation treatment (yoga, sphsrologia, reflexology, etc.) to make sure you leave with a relaxed body and light spirit!

In practice: a break for body and soul, 4 days, 4 nights, from € 1,465 per person and half board at Relais Thalasso Île de Ré. information. : 05 46 30 50 80 and information on

Recharge the batteries in Thalazur Saint-Jean-de-Luz

In everyday life, it is not easy to find time for yourself! This treatment specifically targets women and allows them to decompress, Get rid of fatigue associated with mental overload. Balancing, is also for those who have to deal with hormonal changes such as Going through menopause. On the program: 27 treatments, wraps, hydromassage baths, massages, facials, body and mind workshop … enough to recharge your batteries while having fun!

In practice: Cure Santé de la femme 6 days 6 nights, half board, from 1,556 euros per person. Thalazor, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, info. : 01 48 88 89 90 and

Enhance your skin in Thalazor Bandol

The marine spa is located in the heart of the village of Bandol, facing the Bay of Renécros, in an idyllic setting, equipped with the latest technological equipment: Heated floating rollaway bedscabinsjet watercabinsalgotherapy… Displays A new anti-aging treatment Which combines rejuvenating and reshaping treatments for the face and body (with the Carita brand) with thalassotherapy. 20 treatments in total to live an unparalleled sensory experience, smoothing your skin and restoring your toned body.

In practice: Beauty Revelation Cure, 6 days 6 nights at the 5-star Ile Rousse Hotel & Resort in Bandol, breakfasts, from € 2,059 per person. thalazor. information. : 48 88 89 90 and

Get in shape at Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo

On Sillon Beach, permanently sculpted by the tides, the Saint-Malo establishment preserves its family and its charming and innovative identity. A specialist training centre, 160 health and wellness professionals, three resident doctors working in this beautiful Belle Époque residence. the Fetish cure, sea and health capitalcombines the skills of physical therapists (the team has ten) with three massages, three Seaweed wrapsSix supervised sessions in the pool and of course a medical consultation. Also note the kids club…. Because Thermes Marins, we’re back with the family!

In practice: 6 days – 6 nights and 24 treatments, from € 1,022, accommodation only at Residence Neptunia, info. :; From €1,938, half board at the 5-star Grand Hôtel des Thermes in Saint-Malo. information. : 02 99 40 75 00 and

Restore your body at the Val André Marine Spa

Since its opening ten years ago, this wonderful thalassotherapy center in St Brieuc Bay, bright and intimate, has been betting onOrthopedics. Here, we prefer short, vitamin stays: activities focus on half a day to take advantage of the large beach below. Orthotics are performed at the beginning of these three days. Baths, wraps and massages are carried out near the sea playground, swimming lane and fitness room.

In practice: Val Starter Santé in Val André, 3 days half board from 792 euros, info. : 02 56 57 50 00 and

A beauty stop at the grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Located opposite the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa 5 * is a legend in itself. Built in 1909, it combines timeless charm with the modernity of intimate luxury. The foundation signs a new collaboration with the eco-ethical cosmetic brand Paoma to provide it to its clients Natural beauty ritual (active from buds) and effective. It offers a beauty stop starting at €520 for two people, including one night in a hotel, breakfast included, a 60-minute revealing beauty ritual and an additional 15-minute targeted ritual. Access to the heated seawater swimming pool, sauna, hammam and salt cave.

In practice: the Grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. information. : 05 59 26 35 36 and


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