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A person spends much of their day in a sleepy, lying position, and after falling into a deep sleep, they lose control of their body position and movements and succumb to waves of rapid eye movement sleep.

It is true that getting enough sleep is essential to reduce stress and daily stress, but sometimes poor sleeping habits are an influential factor in increasing skin wrinkles and facial fine lines.

effects of sleep

Many women know that repetitive facial movements and gestures cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. During waking hours it is easy for a woman to frown or frown to avoid developing lines in these areas, but during the night and in deep sleep she will not be able to control herself.

In addition, poor sleeping positions and choices of pillows and fabrics for bedding cause the face to rub every night, which in the long run contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and makes the situation worse.

According to Debra Jaliman, an American dermatologist, sleeping in a way that puts the face in contact with pillowcases and blankets, as it does on the sides or the abdomen, can lead to deterioration of elasticity. and youthfulness of the skin, according to what was indicated on the “Health” site for health and medical information. .

Wrinkles occur due to the loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin, which reduces skin volume and becomes saggy. Repeated nighttime stress on collagen causes it to break down and break down, eventually leading to visible facial wrinkles.

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Choose products rich in vitamins and minerals to hydrate and care for the skin overnight (Getty Images)

Reduce daily stress and see a dentist

Chronic stress and anxiety can negatively affect the type of expressions a woman makes while sleeping, and at the same time, stress reduction is one of the main reasons why good sleep is so important.

Therefore, it is necessary for women who are trying to avoid sleep wrinkles to consult a dentist to find out if they suffer from teeth grinding during sleep, as a first preventive (or therapeutic) step.

Because the effects of stress are embodied even during deep sleep, and teeth grinding can gradually change the appearance of the face, causing stress on facial features and skin, and changing jaw muscles.

And according to American dental therapist Mark Weiss, in a statement to the Observer website, the problem will eventually lead to “more wrinkles in the skin because the mouth starts to sag.”

In addition, chronic tension also leads to frowning and frowning during deep sleep, so resting the subconscious mind will directly contribute to deeper and better quality sleep, and reduce tight facial expressions during the REM sleep phase.

sleep on your back

Sleeping on your stomach or side during the long hours of the night puts constant pressure on your cheeks, forehead and mouth. Over time, this routine can lead to permanent sleep lines in the skin, so the problem can be solved simply by sleeping on your back.

Although it’s a relatively easy option, for many women, sleeping on your back can be uncomfortable. Also, you cannot control the involuntary movement of deep sleep.

But what can be done here is practice and get used to sleeping over and over using pillows and bolsters on the bed. Some methods you can try include placing a pillow under your knees or lower back when lying on your stomach, as well as surrounding the body with pillows on both sides to promote a feeling of comfort and stability in your body. position during sleep.

Pillows not only help you feel more comfortable, but also make it harder to transition to a side or stomach sleeping position, and will help the body get used to sleeping on your back with a long-term repetition.

Quality of fabrics and pillowcases

Although facial wrinkles have a lot to do with how you sleep each night, a step like changing the quality of your pillowcase and bed linen can also have an impact.

Studies show the many benefits of silk fabrics for healthy, quality sleep. Silk pillowcases are a great way to wake up in the morning without the wrinkles and sleep lines that will eventually turn into permanent fine lines on the skin.

It is true that silk fabrics will be expensive, but it is a luxury worth the investment. The soft texture of silk is softer than cotton and can help prevent sleep wrinkles as well as reduce skin irritation.

And its tightly woven fibers don’t attract moisture and natural oils like cotton does, leaving skin naturally hydrated and supple.

Silk pillowcases have many benefits for preserving hair and protecting it from damage and loss.

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Silk’s soft texture is softer than cotton and may help prevent sleep wrinkles (Shutterstock)

Skincare routine before bed

In the last step, it is essential to choose products rich in vitamins and minerals to moisturize and care for the skin during the night.

Because while you sleep, the skin on your face is in a state of repair and recovery from sun damage and daily pollution, the products used in your bedtime skin routine can make a huge difference in health. skin and protection against damage and aging.

According to Byrdie, it is necessary to look for a complex night serum that includes the most important ingredients that the skin needs to repair itself while it sleeps, such as algae, fruits, natural oils and anti-aging compounds.

In general, achieving balance in daily life through relaxation, exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate fluid intake is one of the first steps in preventing wrinkles and signs of skin aging.








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