Muscular system research pdf with references

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A search of the muscular system pdf with references, Almighty God created him and man in the best images and meanings, and in the creation of man came many verses that indicate the greatness of his creation, the Almighty. which the body needs to live, and through it we will talk in detail about the muscular system in terms of its structure, functions and mechanism of action.

Introduction to the Muscular System

God created man in a coordinated, functional and integrated way. The muscular system is considered to be one of the major bodily systems responsible for controlling the movement of the body. Thanks to the muscular system, man can perform the most important movements and functions such as sitting, walking and exercising to achieve healthy and healthy functions.

Muscular System Research

Below we include a detailed study of the muscular system in the human body

What is Muscular System

The muscular system is primarily responsible for movement in the human body and provides the person with the ability to control the limbs of the hands and feet as well as the head, as well as the ability to breathe properly, and in general the muscular system provides protection and support, because the bone system constitutes 20% of the weight of the human body. It consists of 206 bones, tendons, cartilages and ligaments. The shape of the bones is affected by the human species.

types of muscle tissue

The muscle tissues in the human body are divided into three main types, which are as follows

  • Cardiac muscles are the muscles that make up the heart, and they are involuntary muscles that function independently of human control and are controlled by a group of heart muscles called a pacemaker.
  • And the skeletal muscles, which are in the form of long fibers connected to the bones, and are responsible for the movement of the skeleton by contracting and relaxing following voluntary signals received from the brain to perform a movement. voluntary muscles, and the human body is made up of 600 skeletal muscles.
  • Next, smooth muscles are muscles that arise as layers of muscles on top of each other and are subject to involuntary movements and are controlled by brain cells. Smooth muscles are widely distributed in the human body and appear as a coating of many organs such as the digestive and urinary systems.

What are the functions of the muscular system

Then, the muscular system performs many major and important functions for life and for humans, and these functions include the following

  • Movement Movement is the main function of the musculoskeletal system, through the process of muscle contraction and relaxation, such as walking, running and fine movements.
  • Maintaining body position helps the muscular system to maintain balance and body position when standing and sitting.
  • Next, stability The legs that stabilize the knee and shoulder joints are responsible for stabilizing the body and achieving the necessary balance.
  • Vision The eye muscle contains six skeletal muscles responsible for controlling eye movements.
  • And urination Skeletal muscles and nerves control the process of checking and urinating.
  • Then, smooth muscle digestion is responsible for the digestive process, so the digestive system extends from the mouth to the pharynx and even to the digestive system.
  • Breathing The diaphragm muscle is responsible for the respiratory process and is connected to the lungs.
  • And childbirth The muscles of the uterus control the pushing process for childbirth, which are smooth muscles.

Muscular system injuries

The muscular system can be exposed to many injuries that can affect the functions of the muscular system, and these injuries include the following

  • A muscle spasm is a sudden, involuntary twitch and contraction of a muscle due to lack of water or oxygen and can be treated by resting and drinking water.
  • Wedge inflammation is a sudden inflammation of the muscle wedge and affects the movement process.
  • Then sprain and strain If the muscular system is overstretched, it can cause sprain of the ligament and strain of the muscles themselves and affect the functioning of the muscular system.

The main diseases of the muscular system

Diseases of the muscular system can be listed, which differ from sprains and strains affecting the muscle blades.

  • Muscular dysplasia is a weakness and continued loss of muscle mass caused by a genetic defect that affects muscle building in the human body through an imbalance in protein absorption.
  • Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon due to the fact that the muscle tendons are subjected to intense pressure and fatigue without proper rest.
  • Second, fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes a significant degree of pain and fatigue and affects sleep, memory, and mood.
  • Mitochondrial myopathy is one of the main problems of many muscles that directly affect it, and muscle mitochondria are responsible for muscle energy production.
  • Myasthenia gravis is considered a disease of the immune system and has a significant impact on muscles and nerves.
  • Next, tetanus is a spasm that affects the muscles of the jaw and neck as a result of infection with the bacterium Clostridium tetani, which secretes a toxic substance that affects the muscles.

How to maintain the health of the muscular system

Next, a healthy body and healthy muscles help to follow a healthy movement and maintain the health of muscles, tissues and tendons, and among the important things that must be followed to maintain the health of the muscular system are the following

  • Do warm-up and cool-down exercises.
  • Follow a healthy and beneficial diet.
  • Then do stretching exercises.
  • Drink good amounts of water
  • And get enough sleep and rest physically.

Conclusion Muscular System Research

In sum, the muscular system is of great importance through many precise vital functions in which it specializes and helps the human body to satisfy the basic needs of the body, through the processes of movement, digestion, urination and reproduction in many different tissues and muscles. fiber, and for this it is necessary to maintain the health of the muscular system and the health of the body in general by performing many important activities and exercises, as well as by following a proper diet to continue muscle activity properly.

Muscular system research pdf with doc references

The muscular system is considered to be one of the most important systems in the body, and you can download an article in the form of roses on the muscular system, so we briefly talked about an introduction to it with all its functions and diseases that can affect it, and how – you can also maintain it through some of your daily habits.

Muscular system research pdf with references

Then, the muscular system is considered to be one of the most important basic systems of the human body, and an integrated research on the muscular system responsible for the main functions responsible for the continuation of life and the continuation of routine work can be downloaded in pdf format, and various information can be found.








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