Specialists explain… When is a vegetarian diet a healthy choice?

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Specialists have confirmed that a vegetarian diet can be a healthy option under the supervision of a specialist doctor, who will in turn advise carrying out the necessary periodic tests and taking vitamins to compensate for the deficiency, the most important of which are : iron , vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

And they warned against following the “exchange” vegetarian diet without consulting a specialized doctor. Due to its many harms and complications, especially with the spread of its idea in recent years among the members of the youth category society after its appearance in global societies.

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Vegetarian diet

They said in the “week issue” that this system avoids everything that is extracted from animals, be it meat, cheese, dairy products, etc., and is sufficient to eat 100% plant foods. The matter in which the “pure” vegetarian system differs from the vegetarian system which allows the individual to eat what is extracted from the animal, including milk and cheese, with the exception of meat.
Center for Family and Community Medicine nutritionist Dr. Malibari promised that although she does not prefer a vegetarian diet and is not encouraged to follow it, it could be a healthy option if supervised by a specialist doctor, who in turn will advise you to do the necessary periodic analyzes and take vitamins to compensate for the deficiency, the most important of which are: iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin A. Dr.

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He pointed out that people who follow this system without consulting a specialized doctor or reading books usually rely on personal experiences that are posted on social networking sites and avoid all foods extracted from animals without gradation, as they get serious complications of health, including an imbalance in liver enzyme secretions, low blood sugar, and in some cases can lead to hospitalization due to this sudden change, adding that few young people visit the nutrition clinic to see a doctor when they want go on a diet.

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He underlined the multiplicity of reasons for making a pure vegetarian system a way of life for the individual, which can be “ethical” in terms of animal welfare and environmental protection, avoiding consuming its sources of life such as livestock , sheep and fish. It may also be purely religious in some societies that forbid eating what is extracted from the animal and relying on it, the plant as a primary food source, or “healthy” as a diet to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

The doctor warned. Malibari from following a vegan diet without consulting a specialist; Due to its many damages and complications, especially: iron deficiency in the blood, vitamin D deficiency, which in turn causes an imbalance in the basic and vital functions of the body such as osteoporosis and long-term tooth loss , and in the short-term hair loss, weak nails, low blood pressure and diabetes, body and abnormal weight loss.

Complications of a vegetarian diet

Citizen Hessa Al-Salja said she followed a vegetarian diet based on the advice of a dermatologist to avoid foods of animal origin, which could be the cause of acne.

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And she failed to mention the danger of following this diet without consulting a nutritionist and taking nutritional supplements, which led her to feel lethargic and lightheaded after following it until her health deteriorated and she passed out without knowing its cause. reason, and after almost a month had passed, he went to find out the reasons, and it became clear that he suffered from an acute deficiency in the rate of iron and vitamins.

The role of parents in monitoring the health of their children

Education consultant, Raed Al-Mutair said that parents are the basic building blocks of the family, and are the basis of education in everything, and children from an early age embody their parents’ nature and are influenced by it, and the influence is in several aspects, one of which is the nutritional aspect.

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He said: Whenever we accustom our children from infancy to a healthy and balanced diet, it will reflect on them when they grow up and we won’t need to make an effort to educate them afterwards. Because natures are implanted and rooted from childhood, so they are hard to change, unlike habit which can change with training and practice, but we can limit these habits in certain educational and psychological ways, and he advised l It is important to follow the children from the health point of view and sensitize them on the danger of resorting to this system if without consulting specialists, quoting the Almighty’s saying: (And don’t throw yourselves into destruction).

Awareness corners in public places and communication platforms

Siham Al-Dosari, a social worker at the Center for Family and Community Medicine, explained that the vegetarian diet is a modern diet in society, which has become widespread in recent years.

He said: The responsibility now rests with each of the social workers, joining forces with public health, to work educational pillars in public places such as markets and parks, publish leaflets and step up awareness campaigns on social media platforms on this diet, by publishing the opinions of nutritionists and offering food alternatives to compensate for nutritional deficiencies.

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He added that often the first reason why young people undergo such diets and their health worsens is the family, which throws harsh words at children who suffer from obesity; What makes them accept any strict diet without thinking about the damage it can cause, in order to achieve the ideal body as quickly as possible.

He said that one of the causes of mental illness and depression is poor diet of the patient and he usually advises patients of the clinic to improve their diet, eat healthy food, drink more water and exercise daily. Because it has a great impact on improving mental and physical health.







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