Quésaco: the ‘status skin’, the minimalist beauty routine that TikTok likes

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(ETX Daily Up) – After ‘skinimalism’, space for ‘status skin’, a beauty routine placed under the sign of naturalness and minimalism, far from the contouring that was unanimous before the pandemic. The idea? Show off a fresh and luminous complexion, without having to resort to multiple layers of make-up, and above all… no longer hiding your ‘flaws’.

The pandemic has put an end to the use of modeling products and covering foundations, totally useless during childbirth, as well as with the use of the mask. And if some thought that the return to a normal life would sound like that of the essentials of makeup, it is clear that it is skin care, in other words skin care, which has established itself as the star of 2022, and it is only just getting started. The proof with the ‘status skin’, a beauty trend that continues to rise on social networks, and which is characterized by a strategic combination of makeup and skincare. The idea? Let your skin breathe, and highlight it rather than hide what are called ‘imperfections’.

Healthy skin, a lighter routine

Many natural-focused beauty micro-trends have punctuated the year 2022, but this time it’s all about reintroducing makeup into your routine, without overdoing it. The ‘skin status’ always revolves around care, and even more so prevention, to enjoy healthy skin without having to resort to a thousand and one concealers, foundations and other contouring products. The skin breathes more than ever, and above all it is no longer a question of hiding dark circles, bags and other pimples, but of showing them when they point the tip of the nose.

As for the beauty routine, this translates into essential skincare products, including serums, to show off radiant and healthy skin, but also through tinted foundations or creams. We forget mattifying and covering foundations and focus on light and airy textures that will offer a discreet tan. The goal is to highlight the skin, not hide it under layers of makeup. This is reminiscent of the era of BB and CC creams, except that the bar has leveled up in terms of skincare with multifunctional products that will play different roles: makeup, hydration, anti-aging, for example.

The boom in facial massage

Even more than a reduced and revised beauty routine, and specific skin care products in the bathroom, this trend is reflected in the use of facial massages of all kinds, whether they have anti-aging properties such as Kobido, or which allow you to find a radiant complexion, as well as tools that allow you to take advantage of their benefits at home. Gua sha, jade roller, massage roller or even ice balls, are gradually becoming essential in the bathroom so that you no longer have to multiply the sessions in the establishments to have healthy and glowing skin.

But if there’s one market that’s growing at breakneck speed, it’s that of facial massagers. These brushes of all kinds, which can combine massage, skin cleansing, phototherapy treatments and many anti-aging treatments, are unanimous among consumers today. Not content with providing the skin with all the care it needs on a daily basis, they have (also) been designed to offer users a moment of relaxation and relaxation. This popular all-in-one that now seems to adore men and women looking for a holistic approach.

‘Skinification’, or hair skin care

The complexion won’t be the only one to benefit from so much attention during the year 2023, given that even the hair is preparing to benefit from a complete routine modeled on that of the skin. Exfoliation, anti-blemish care, exfoliating brush, night care, exfoliating shampoo or micellar shampoo will soon – if not already – be among your beauty essentials to make your hair as healthy and beautiful as possible. A routine that has a name, ‘skinification’, and which translates into treatments mainly aimed at the scalp, rather than the lengths, to cut the problem at its root. As you may have understood, when it comes to beauty, prevention is more important than ever, in favor of an increasingly minimalist and natural routine.








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