National News Agency – Al-Miqdad at launch of food security campaign in Baalbek: Our health and social security are at risk

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Wataniya – Baalbek – launched Federation of Baalbek MunicipalitiesIn collaboration with Islamic Health AuthorityFood security campaign in Baalbek and union towns in a meeting with butchers and meat vendors in Baalbek sponsored by Representative Dr Bekaa Abbas Muawiya, Head of Baalbek District Health Department , Dr Ali Subhi Hazimeh, head of the Bekaa Butchers Union, Ali Subhi Awada, and health and social actors.


The meeting was initiated by Dr. Essam Al-Husseini, considering that Food safety is a vital issue to which all human societies are committed, which has worked to develop its quality, leading to guaranteeing clean and healthy food and products.“.


MP Mekdad said:”We have succeeded in more than one position in fortifying our society and missing the opportunity for the enemies, and we have been victorious over the Zionist and takfiri enemy and his followers who were and still are and will continue to plan the destruction of our society. And just as we defended our homeland and our people, and resisted and defeated the enemy that roams our country, we will be victorious over the human enemy, epidemics and diseases, in order to immunize our society with health, because health security is no less important than social and political security. The maintenance of food safety aims to guarantee the interest of the citizen and to prevent risks to his health, and at the same time aims to take into account the interest of the institutions and their owners.“.

And he continued:”Since 2010, we have been talking about the food safety project, and the law relating to it was enacted about three years ago, but unfortunately so far, the implementing decrees of the National Food Safety Authority have not been published and most ministries are concerned. and have a role in achieving food security and preserving human health, but when we don’t find acuity on securing the air for incurable and chronic diseases, it means the tour is missing, and we hope that she will not remain absent because our health and social security is in danger, and we are ashamed that in 2022 there will be cases of cholera in Lebanon and deaths due to the epidemic“.

felt that Civil organizations, civil society, municipalities and municipal unions have taken the initiative to address the issue of food security. Here we must mention the continuous work of the Health Authority since 2014, and it has cooperated with the Ministry of Health in recruiting an army. volunteers in all regions, because the ministry does not have the human capacity to cover the field work required. In the field, for example, the Baalbek district health department has only two observers“.

Al-Miqdad bThe seriousness of the Baalbek butchers, their response and their cooperation with the campaign, is proof of their sense of responsibility, because food security is part of the security of society.“.


In turn, Shehadeh said:”We meet today to relaunch the food safety project, which has become an absolute priority, especially in the current circumstances that we are going through in terms of the spread of viruses, epidemics and bacterial diseases, to underline the need to be rigorous in preserving our food security, which ultimately leads to citizen security and the safety of our food products.“.

confirmed that The main objective is to provide help and assistance at the level of orientation and support and to improve the quality of service and the quality of the products, with the aim of preserving the reputation of the food sector which makes it famous of our region and that thousands of customers and customers come daily to eat while being reassured that what they eat complies with all health safety conditions.“.

And he continued:”We wanted to anticipate our meeting with you today by launching the rehabilitation and expansion works of the Baalbek slaughterhouse through the local development project along the Litani River, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Economic and Social Development Fund. ESFD And who started the work, in cooperation and partnership between the Federation of Our Communes and the Municipality of Baalbek, to confirm our interest in all aspects of this food sector, and for the work to be complementary, productive and go in the common sense .“.


Muawiyah saw this The Islamic Health Authority has tried and is still trying to alleviate the suffering of the community, which deserves our full attention. The Authority tackled the issue of food security after several field studies it carried out in cooperation with federations of municipalities and municipalities, given the importance of community health, which had a priority and special attention, and for the fifth year We have signed a cooperation protocol with the Federation of Municipalities of Baalbek in this regard“.

He noted it A team of health monitors has been formed to oversee the implementation of food safety principles and standards. Staff also received all scientific and orientation materials to keep pace with the project. We also classified the facilities through field visits and periodic monitoring. up.“.


It was considered a defeat The preservation of meat safety is an integrated and interconnected link, from the import of livestock to the trader, the slaughterhouse equipped and supervised by a veterinarian and fulfilling all the conditions, and the safety of transport and refrigeration, to the butchers and the consumer. Therefore, laws have been put in place to control these steps and make them safe“.

Focus on a subject Hygiene and safety of workers in butcheries and slaughterhouses, and sterilization of used toolsmentioning bResponse and cooperation of the Mayor of Baalbek, the Federation of Baalbek Municipalities, the Health Authority and the Syndicate of Bekaa Butchers“.


The blog confirmed that The municipality of Baalbek is concerned about food security and there is a project for the development and modernization of the slaughterhouse in Baalbek, which we support from the income of the municipality, because its income is not even enough to guarantee the wages of the workers. or to cover operating costs. We will always be at the side of our people and at the service of the inhabitants of the city of Baalbek, because we care about their health and the security of their food.“.


Dr. Zahia Obaid spoke on behalf of the Health Authority task force, and she said:”We hope that we will live up to the trust and responsibility entrusted to us, and as you have entrusted to us, we will put all our capacities into this campaign, and our team will accompany the judiciary within the framework of the direction, guidance and field on a daily basis to work, and find possible solutions to fill the difficulties and gaps, for the success of this important project, because food security is our desired goal“.


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