Healthy breakfast in Ramadan.. 7 important foods for the fasting person

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Muslims are eager to choose useful foods during the holy month of Ramadan that provide them with energy and help them fast for more than 13 hours, so what is the best healthy breakfast for a fasting person?

Most of Ramadan is the month of fasting Getting up and reciting the Quran is the month of emancipation, mercy and forgiveness, the month of giving and charity, a month in which the gates of heaven are opened and good deeds are multiplied, a month in which prayers are answered, ranks rise, sins are forgiven, and God grants His servants all kinds of miracles.

Ramadan fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam that God has imposed on all Muslims, so anyone who achieves the month and is healthy and not sick, or a resident who does not travel, fasting becomes for him a legal duty, either to fulfill or to be reconciled.

An exception is made for the elderly, the elderly and those who have a chronic and serious disease that cannot be cured, since these two cannot fast Ramadan, neither invent it nor fulfill it.

Fasting is legally “abstaining and abstaining with intent to invalidate the fast and from anything that breaks the fast from the rising of the second dawn until sunset.” That is, fasting is abstaining from eating anything tangible that enters a person’s stomach in a specific way. period, which goes from sunrise to sunset.

Intention is one of the conditions for evoking the heart and the determination to adhere to the person with the intention of rewarding and rewarding. In order for the servant to distinguish himself by his actions between habit and worship, fasting is therefore considered as obedience and closeness to Almighty God.

The Best Healthy Ramadan Breakfast

A healthy breakfast during Ramadan is necessary for every fasting person, and it should contain all the nutrients such as vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.

And because the fast lasts for long hours, when breaking the fast, you should eat slowly, start with dates, and drink plenty of low-fat fluids as well as fluid-rich foods. This is the best way to eat after a long period of fasting. .

Experts recommend eating balanced meals for breakfast to avoid losing muscle mass and being careful with energy-dense foods such as carbohydrates and fats.

For the Ramadan breakfast table to be healthy, it should include the following:

1- Appointments

Starting to eat dates is very important because dates are one of the main sources of sugar that helps compensate for the loss of energy in the body during fasting hours, and it is a rich source of fiber, in plus potassium and magnesium which help regulate the contents of the intestines.

2- Drinks

Beverages, such as water, milk or natural fruit juices, as each of these provides the hydration needed after the fast without additional calories or added sugars.

3- Protein

The main dish often contains one of several types of protein, whether red or white meat, although chicken tops these items as it is the lightest and can be served in many forms and accompanied by different types of vegetables.

The main course can be cooked chicken with grilled vegetables or grilled fish with brown rice and grilled vegetables.

4- Soup

It is good to take care to include some type of soup (soup) on the breakfast table, as it is useful, light and comfortable for the stomach, and provides the faster with energy and compensates for water that he lost.

Experts recommend eating any type of this soup: lentils, barley, vegetables like beans, and chicken broth without cream. You can also try a meat broth soup that contains starches, such as: pasta, vermicelli or cereal.

5- Vegetables

Any Ramadan table should not be devoid of it, as it is rich in fiber, vitamins and nutrients, and the best form of serving it is a salad dish which can consist of about 5 types of vegetables, in addition to it. serve in other forms. such as eggplant, stuffed peppers and grape leaves.

6- Starches

Specialists recommend including one of the foods from the carbohydrate group in breakfast, such as bread or brown rice, etc., and it is better to resort to whole grains to provide the body with energy. and fiber too.

7- Fruit

The fast can also be broken by eating fruit, as it provides natural sugars for energy, fluids, and certain vitamins and minerals.

How to Eat a Healthy Breakfast During Ramadan

There is a lot of search for healthy breakfasts for Ramadan, to diversify the items on the table and at the same time be healthy and light.

There are different ways to break the fast, and in addition to the above, it is necessary for the fasting person to avoid excessive eating, eating a lot of sweets and foods containing large amounts of fats and unhealthy foods. , especially fried foods, because they cause an increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, and threaten to develop diabetes and weight gain.

“Al-Ain News” offers healthy and easy-to-prepare breakfasts for Ramadan, as follows:

1- Broccoli and beef


300 grams of beef, cut into small slices.

Two cups of broccoli.

– A pinch of sweet pepper flakes.

– 1 teaspoon of toasted sesame oil and cornstarch.

– 1 tablespoon of each (chopped ginger, olive oil, water).

– 6 tablespoons of sugar.

– 2 minced garlic cloves.

A cup of soy sauce.

how to prepare:

Combine water and cornstarch in a small cup.

– Heat sesame oil in a small saucepan, add garlic and ginger, stir for a minute, then add: soy sauce, sugar, chili flakes and cornstarch mixture.

Cook the sauce for two minutes, until it thickens.

– In a large skillet, add the beef and sauté quickly until it turns red, then add the broccoli and stir quickly.

– Pour in the sauce and cook for two minutes, then remove from the heat and serve with rice. So we had a healthy and light breakfast during Ramadan.

2- Chicken with tomatoes and olives


– Half a kilo of healed chicken thighs.

Two tablespoons of butter.

Cut the onions into small cubes.

– 2 minced garlic cloves.

– Two cups of prepared tomato sauce.

– A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

– Half a cup of green olives stuffed with carrots.

– 250 ml of chicken broth.

– A few basil leaves.

how to prepare:

Season the thighs with salt and pepper and sauté in butter until golden brown.

Remove from heat and keep warm.

– Add the onions and sauté in the pan with the garlic over medium heat.

Pour the tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar and broth over the onions and garlic while you adjust the seasoning.

– Put the mixture and cook slowly for ten minutes until the sauce thickens.

– Put the chicken in the pan, add the olives and cook over low heat for five minutes.

– The chicken is poured into the serving dish, the chopped basil leaves are spread over the dish and it is served for a healthy and light Ramadan breakfast.

3- Chicken with orange and rosemary sauce


A whole chicken, cut into large pieces.

Half a cup of orange juice.

– Half a cup of lemon juice.

– 4 minced garlic cloves.

– A tablespoon of grated ginger.

– Sprinkle with rosemary for seasoning.

how to prepare:

Chop the chicken in a large bowl.

Mix all the ingredients and marinate the chicken pieces in it for three hours or overnight.

Place the marinated chicken pieces in a suitable pan and bake, uncovered, at 200 degrees for 30 minutes, until tender.

Serve the chicken hot with white rice or garlic dip, fries and salads.

4- Onion soup


– 3 slices of onion.

– A teaspoon of flour.

Vegetables soup.

– Laura paper.

– salt and pepper as needed.

how to prepare:

– Bring a pan of oil over low heat.

Put onion slices until wilted.

– Add all the ingredients, mixing well.

Add the soup and let boil.

Put the soup in plates and serve it hot.


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