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Basic metabolism corresponds to the minimum amount of energy that the body needs to ensure its vital functions. Men have a higher BMR than women because they have more muscle.

It can be interesting to keep a streak, to be in shape, to lose weight or when you do a lot of exercise Know your calorie needs Any amount of energy The body needs it to function well. differs in the man and the Womento me Cuts and the the weight. explanations.

the basal metabolic rateAnd or basic metabolism, matches To the minimum amount of energy that the body needs to perform its daily vital functions (Nourishing the heart and brain, ensuring digestion and respiration, and maintaining an optimal temperature). in other words, It is the body’s energy expenditure while at rest. these energy requirements Calculated over a day. The basal metabolic rate is specific to each individual and varies according to several criteria, including Gender, height, weight, muscle mass, and physical activity. Men necessarily have a higher basal metabolic rate than women because they have more muscle.

How do you calculate your BMR?

There are different formulas for calculating basal metabolic rate. Let us mention in particular that Harris and Benedict, recalculated by Rosa and Chizgal in 1994. P denotes ‘weight’, ‘height’ and ‘age’ :

  • For women: (9.740 x D) + (172.9 x T) – (4.737 x A) + 667.051
  • For a man: (13.707 x D) + (492.3 x T) – (6.673 x A) + 77.607

Take, for example, a 33-year-old womanAnd It is 1.68 m tall and weighs 57 kg : MB = (9.740 x 57) + (172.9 x 1.68) – (4.737 x 33) + 667.051. So she needs 1356.382 calories per day for his body to perform its vital functions. “This is the classic formula used to calculate basal metabolic rate. There is also a bio-impedance scale that automatically calculates according to the individual’s age and size. The basal metabolic rate is really the minimum amount of energy we need for basic functions when we are not moving at all. Generally, We add between 400 and 800 extra calories To determine the number of calories needed per day to provide energy for the day and maintain weight, depending on how each person moves and exercises.Commentaries by Charlotte Debugny.

What is the basal metabolic rate for a woman?

The typical woman is 1.65 meters tallShe’s very active, maybe doing two to three gym sessions a week. His basal metabolic rate is 1400 calories. We add 600 calories to commute into her daily life, so she needs it 2000 calories/day to maintain weight. A truly sedentary person, who does not move at all, needs no more than 1,400 calories per day.‘, points to the nutritionist.

What is the basal metabolic rate for a man?

The basal metabolic rate of a man is 1700-1800 calories/day. Add 600-700 calories Depending on how you move on a daily basis and your physical activity. On average, an active man needs 2500 calories / day. They need more than women because they generally have more muscle mass. Of course, there are days when you are more active than others, but they are average, so there is no need to calculate every day.explains the specialist.

What is the basic metabolism for an athlete?

Everyone thinks you have to eat more when you exercise, it’s not trueNuance Charlotte Debugny People tend to overestimate the number of calories they need, but it’s not necessary to increase your portions when you’re exercising two to three hours a week.The only times an athlete should eat more is when they do more than two hours of exercise per day, in which case they can add between 200 and 300 calories per day. But it is not an exact science. in other words, Exercising is good for your spirits and health, but you shouldn’t do it in the hope of burning calories and eating more afterwardshe continues.

The bigger and more active we are, the more energy we need.

What is the basic metabolism of a teenager?

Teenage boy needs around 3000 calories per day and for the girl 2500 calories per day. Again, it depends on size and physical activity. The bigger and more active we are, the more energy we need.

What is the basal metabolic rate of a pregnant woman?

During pregnancy, you don’t really need to eat a lot. In general, in the first trimester, we need to eat good food for two, but not the quantity. In the second trimester, you may need an additional 200 calories per day, and in the third trimester, you may need an additional 500 calories per day. Thus the BMR for a pregnant woman is 1700-1800 calories/dayNutritionist details.

How many calories to lose weight?

To lose 500 grams per week, it is necessary to eat an average of 500 calories less per day. By eating only 1000 calories per day, we lose 1000 grams or more 1 kg, after one week, That is, between 2 and 3 kg per month. But still, it is not an exact science, it all depends on the activity of each one.

Thanks to Charlotte Debugny, a Paris-based nutritionist


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