What are the causes of phimosis? When do you worry?


A lack of hard cover can cause complications in young adults and adults. Possible causes with Antoine Faix, urologist and andrologist.

we call”Phimosis is a narrowing of the foreskinThe skin surrounding the glans penis Scaling is prohibited partial or complete. Except for infancy, where the phimosis and prepuce adhesions are fine naturalPhimosis can occur at any age for a variety of reasons.

What are the causes of phimosis?

► the functional phimosis :”An adult or even a teenager can have a foreskin that they can retract when at rest but when erect, the elasticity of the foreskin is not enough. Then we talk about functional phimosisresponsible for pain during masturbation or sexual intercourse. It is often phimosis It is already present at least in childhood but has not disappearedThe surgeon explains.

► the secondary phimosis : It’s phimosis Which appears when dam was not an issue before. “affiliate Skin problems, skin diseases, topical infectionsat the level of the foreskin, can be responsible for difficulties in retraction, at rest, in erection, or both, in adults: Eczema, lichen, psoriasis, penile tumors, fungi, syphilitic ulcers and any other local genital infectionIt also defines a professional.

What are the causes in adults?

Phimosis is rarely seen in adults and is associated with diabetes or lichen atrophic sclerosus. An adult man can also suffer from phimosis that he was not aware of as a child and that appears during an erection.

“Not being able to remove a baby’s blanket, as a young child, is normal and should not be done.”

What causes phimosis in older men?

It can affect adult men of advanced age. “We are talking about phimosis of an elderly man;. In the absence of an erection and sexual intercourse, the foreskin is a very thin skin, It can be damaged and hardened, with an inflammatory reaction. Excision may then be indicated. It could also be phimosis as a result of diabetes, diabetics are more at risk of developing balanitis, so these infections of the glans can be a cause of balanitis. Finally, it could be phimosis Painful out.

Types of striped phimosis
Types of striped phimosis © gritsalak – stock.adobe.com

What are the causes of phimosis in children?

Almost all babies are born with the foreskin glued to the glansThen we talk about physiological adhesions of the foreskin. Therefore not being able to reassign a newborn child is normal and should not be done. that Then it peels off gradually, starting from two or three yearsUsually at the same time as potty training. It is important that the child was cut before puberty At least in part. So this should be checked by your pediatrician or general practitionerAntoine Faix develops. According to health insurance figures, the Complete removal of the glans is possible in only 4% of newborns, 50% of 3-year-olds, and 99% of adolescents. Decalottage is no longer indicated without at least local anesthesia Because it is very painful and traumatic for the child.”says the doctor. little child in the shower or during urination in particular, It collapses by itself It will gradually reach its full limit. “If the child is embarrassed, if he feels burning, at this time we discuss the release of adhesions or Maybe circumcision or prenatal plastyplasty, but never again excision in consultation”And Our expert repeats.

When do you worry?

“If a child is six or seven, he hasn’t taken off his hat at least while he is Has symptoms (difficulty urinating properly, burns, inflammation, etc.) This could be an indication for the release of adhesions and in some cases the initiation of circumcision or foreskin augmentationExplains Antoine Faix. If phimosis is acquired, it is necessary to consult. Treatment for phimosis depends on its cause. “Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibiotic ointment Phimosis is indicated secondary to dermatological pathology. If local treatments don’t work, the solution is surgical“, The specialist notes. a This is then referred to as circumcision (removal of the foreskin) or sometimes foreskin plasty.

The latter allows the preservation of the foreskin, intervention to expand it. However, circumcision would be the only solution. If the skin is too damaged to keep. These surgeries are performed Under local or general anesthesia, in a hospital structure. It is necessary, in my opinion, to be implemented by a pediatric surgeon or urologist.”. Most often, these are not painful procedures. “However, this may be uncomfortable for the first few days during a nocturnal erection.“, admits Antoine Faix. Sutures are absorbable and healing is complete within a month., up to a month and a half. “Ointment may be prescribed to help with healing. Complications are exceptional when the procedure is performed by a specialist surgeon in a hospital.“, concludes the urologist.

Thanks to Antoine Faix, urologist and andrologist, former chair of the commission for andrology and sexual medicine of the French Urological Association.


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