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Eating less sugar reduces fatigue, acne, fat storage (and therefore weight gain!), and the risk of diabetes … How to follow a sugar-free diet? Permitted and Prohibited Foods, Fruits, and Bread: A Method with Dr Alexandra Dalou and Marie-Laure Andre, Dietitians.

The daily amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization is 25 gm per day and per person. In France, we are located even more 150 gr This is one of the reasons why 18 million people are obese and overweightsays Dr. Alexandra Dallow, an anti-aging physician and nutritionist. Follow a sugar-free diet In the sense of reducing its consumption as much as possible, and especially added sugar, Improves health. the Benefits From a multiple sugar-free diet for the skinAnd Energy… how A sugar-free diet? Does quitting sugar work For weight loss ? what food Excellence? Which fruits and vegetables do you choose? what is it cons A sugar-free diet?

What are the benefits of a sugar-free diet?

“There is no such thing as a sugar-free diet in the strict sense. Even a very low-sugar ketogenic diet still contains some sugar. It improves oral hygiene and reduces the risk of obesity and overweight. If we combine alcohol with sugar, then stopping its consumption implies all the benefits associated with stopping alcohol consumption, such as Reducing the risk of colon cancer in womensays Dr. Dalu. “France is the country with the highest alcohol consumption in the world, which is more dangerous than sugar consumption,” Dr. Dalo recalls.. Moreover, many children replace water with sugary drinks and soda, poison for health Doctor alert. “The sugar-free diet is very interesting: it allows you to do this Restore energy and renewed vitality, Lost due to reactive hypoglycemia associated with sugar consumption. The patient will be on a sugar-free diet less tired and more concentration also” adds Marie Laurie Andre, a registered dietitian. Sugar consumption affectsGlycemic index by causing summit. gold, After this spike, the blood sugar level drops, causing fatigue and a craving for sugar. “There are also effects on leather : By stopping sugar, we reduce the release of insulin in large quantities It causes acne. The skin becomes clearer and brighterexplains Marie-Laure Andre. In the long term, there are health benefits for people with A Diabetes mellitus or diabetes“.

Reducing insulin secretion prevents fat storage.

Does giving up sugar make you lose weight?

Reducing insulin secretions by reducing sugar helps with this Reduce fat storage And to facilitate the disposal of these substances that can contribute to weight lossDefends Marie-Laure Andre. Reducing sugar on a daily basis can help with weight loss, provided it is The diet is varied and balancedAnd To move and sleep well Take medications according to the possible cause of weight gain. says Dr. Alexandra Dalo.

What foods are allowed on the sugar-free diet?

To follow a sugar-free diet, you need to arrange your meals well so that you are satisfied. “Dish with raw vegetables or cooked vegetablesfollower protein animal or vegetable, part of All cereal And fruit for dessert eg for lunch and dinnersuggests Marie-Laure Andre. If you want to avoid snacking and have a light dinner, having a light meal allows you to reduce your sugar consumption without frustration, so I recommend eating fruit with a handle Oilseeds or chocolate or wholemeal bread or cheese for exampleAlexandra Dalo suggests.

What foods are prohibited on the sugar-free diet?

It is necessary to remove the empty sugars (for free):

  • juice Sweet.
  • drink.
  • Soft drinks.
  • pastries.
  • Fast food (Pizza and chips).
  • pastries.
  • Various pieces of candy (candy, sweet snacks, cereal bars).
  • ready meals that contain added sugars.
  • alcohol (1 gram of alcohol = 9 calories / 1 gram of white sugar = 4 calories, states Dr. Dalu).
  • the Excess sugar In coffee and tea (even Replace with coconut sugar and agave syrup for example).

Are there any vegetables that should be avoided on the sugar-free diet?

No, all vegetables are healthy. It should be in every meal. Some vegetables have a higher glycemic index however Do not deprive yourself of vegetables. We agree with our experts.

We avoid eating fruits outside of meals.

Can you eat fruit on a sugar-free diet?

No diet recommends removing fruitremembers Dr. Dalu. Some are certainly more fibrous, others are richer in vitamins but You have to change it And we eat whatever we like. “It is the quantity to watch rather than the type of fruit as such. the The ideal daily dose is a maximum of 2-3 fruits per day Because they bring sugar. We adjust according to the size: 1 apple, 1 peach, a bunch of cherries, 1 strawberry, 2 clementines, 2 kiwiMarie Laurie Andre says.Be careful, we avoid eating fruit outside of meals but for dessert, because the sugar in it The fruit will be mixed into the food bowl It will not cause your blood sugar to riseconcludes Dr. Dalu.

Which bread do we eat on a sugar-free diet?

It is necessary to give priority to wholemeal breadWhite bread is made from white flour with a high glycemic index, so its consumption is close to consuming sugar (in terms of its effect on the body). If you want to improve your sugar-free diet, it is best to replace white bread with whole wheat bread. In general, when following a sugar-free diet, Replace refined foods with their complete equations. Develops Marie-Laure Andre.

To remember a sugar-free diet:

Replace white foods with whole foods

There are no fruits outside of the meals

Avoid sugary breakfasts

Avoid added sugar (coffee, tea, yogurt)

Replace sugar with agave syrup

What breakfast without sugar?

For starters, we cut out the added sugar because we’re more sensitive to sugar in the morning. “Eating a sweet breakfast (biscuits, cereal, chocolate) leads to Reactive hyperglycemia, I felt a little sluggish around 11 am. foods like wholemeal bread with cheese or butter, the Sugar free yogurt cut off from Fresh fruitsfollower oatmeal, affiliate Eggs, chia seeds and almonds. In general, we bet on a complete breakfast that contains protein and fiber. Marie Laurie Andre recommends. Dr. Alexandra Dalo confirms this “If you want to avoid a spike in blood sugar without depriving yourself of a sweet touch at breakfast, you have to do it Add (good) fat Like nuts and almonds. affiliate protein and fiber Because they are going Surrounded by sugar (Homemade or organic fat, fruits, etc.) in order to reduce its absorption.”

Small deviations can be made to avoid frustration.

Is it dangerous to cut out sugar?

Don’t eat (or eat little) sugar There is no danger For health. “Refined sugar is calorie freeRemembers Dr. Alexandra Dalo.

What are the disadvantages of a sugar-free diet?

The main disadvantage of a sugar-free diet is related to: tasting. “Sugar is food fun, Therefore, I do not recommend deleting it completely. It is possible to make small deviations because if the prohibitions are too strict, we will get frustrated and want it more.advises Marie-Laure Andre.

Thanks to Dr. Alexandra Dalou, anti-aging nutritionist, co-author of “The Healthy Dish – Sports Diet and Well-Being” in Flammarion and to Marie-Laure André, dietician and nutritionist.


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