How (and why) to brush your hair

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For most of my youth, I thought hairbrushes were combs for girls. But now that I know a little more about hair, I know that the brush and comb are not interchangeable. The comb is primarily a styling tool. A hairbrush, on the other hand, has more benefits and anyone with medium to long hair should use it regularly.

To find out more, we asked celebrity stylist Melissa DeZarate for her opinion. She brushes the best of them, especially Andrew Garfield. And she thinks all men benefit from dealing with a hairbrush. “Washing your hair really isn’t something that should be optional,” she says. There are too many benefits, including preventing hair loss, having healthy hair, and improving scalp health.

Who needs to brush their hair?

“In general, the shorter your hair, the less reason you have to brush it,” says DeZarate. That said… Virtually any hair type can benefit from brushing, he adds. But it’s knowing how and when to brush your hair that matters.

In other words, you need a hairbrush that suits your hair’s texture and curls (or lack thereof) and helps you achieve your goals. After all, there are dozens of brush types.

But remember these few rules: you should brush your hair if you let it grow out, if it gets matted frequently, if the ends of your hair are drier than the rest, if you have frequent breakage, or if you want to help strengthen your hair follicles and root. . (And that list includes most of us!) .

Why brush your hair?

1. To better distribute the sebum

Using a hairbrush has the main benefit of revitalizing every strand of hair. In fact, the sebum in the scalp, which naturally nourishes the hair, can’t go anywhere without a boost. A brush helps distribute these oils to help avoid the many problems associated with overly dry locks: breakage, frizz, split ends, and excessively oily roots. Also, your hair will be shinier.

2. To detangle hair

If you’ve ever combed your hair and felt painful knots, often pulling it out and snapping a strand of hair in the process, then you’ve probably been missing out on one of the major benefits of brushing. A soft, well-spaced brush will help detangle your hair with minimal breakage and minimal headaches. (There are even dedicated detangling brushes, which focus on separating hair instead of pulling it out.)

3. To stimulate the scalp and strengthen the follicles

Like a scalp massage, the brushes stimulate the capillaries in the scalp and increase circulation to that area. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles, which strengthens hair growth at the root. Daily brushing can therefore help you have stronger, fuller hair in the long run.

4. To style your hair well

Combs have wide teeth and fine teeth, but the range of brushes is large. Brushes with open, “vented” backs are great for use with a blow dryer, as are rounded brushes that help define a flowing Pompadour. Others can help style hair for volume effects.

5. To get rid of dead hair

You lose 50-100 hairs a day and they’re much easier to notice when your hair is long enough to brush. And instead of finding them in the kitchen, on the sheets and on the bathroom floor, why not brush them every morning and every night? Brushing doesn’t cause a premature fall unless you pull very hard. Instead, it trains hair that was ready to fall out and will come back in a few months, as if it fell out naturally.

When should you brush your hair?

If you want to incorporate brushing into your routine properly, you need to do it at least once a day. Do this morning and night, especially if your hair is dry. But it all depends on how often you shower. It’s usually best to brush dry hair, as it’s much less prone to breakage than damp hair, but some men with curly hair prefer brushing wet hair. DeZarate recommends using a good conditioner to keep hair from sticking and using a soft brush.

How to brush your hair?

The way you brush your hair varies depending on whether you are brushing for a styling effect or based on your hair type. But the main thing to know is that you shouldn’t brush your hair very hard.







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