5 gourmet and healthy sugar-free Christmas desserts


When you have diabetes or when you have diabetic guests over the holidays, menu development can quickly become a headache. And for good reason. in France, nearly 4 million people have diabetes, the government And The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is the highest (92%), according to the government. It is related to our way of life, and it often is 40 years later It is caused by an unbalanced diet, Too oily or too sweetand a Lack of physical activity.

Concretely, type 2 diabetes is “Decreased sensitivity of cells to insulinIt is a pancreatic hormone that plays a role Facilitating the entry of glucose into cells. This creates an increased demand for insulin, and the cells of the pancreas produce more of it until they are exhausted.” Type 1 Diabetes Fears 6% are diabetics It usually happens in childhood or during adolescence.

Either way, a diabetic must Monitor your blood sugar And make sure you eat a well-balanced diet. Food plays a role A major role in reducing the risk of metabolic complicationsThat is why it is highly recommended to reduce sugar consumption as much as possible. especially for Work relaxes from the pancreas. For this, they will tend to Prioritize food Low glycemic index (low GI), ie It does not have a significant ability to raise blood sugar.

Specifically, there are many alternatives to sugar to enjoy while staying healthy during the holidays. It is entirely possible to use it Fake sugarsexplains Alexandra Rytion, registered dietitian and co-author of the book Sweets have a low glycemic index (ed. Leduc). like erythritolIt is a natural sweetener from the polyol family that is much better than aspartame, or even Stevia, xylitol or maltitol It is also possible to replace sugar with Coconut sugar with a low glycemic indexOr acacia honey, or agave syrup, or even fruit. “We can Replace the sugar in the recipe with mashed bananas, compote, or dates, for example Note that when choosing low-fat products, It is often in fat but not always in sugar.

And if you’re still hesitating, here it is 5 delicious desserts that are good for your health and perfect for the Christmas holidays, all created by Jean-François Rousseau and taken from the book Sweets have a low glycemic index.

2 delicious low-glycemic desserts for the festive season

To get you started, Medisite offers you two basic Christmas recipes.

Bavarian pear, almond, chocolate and cereal

Suitable for diabeticsThis dessert provides a mix of gluten-free grains with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which is excellent for your health. The sugar is replaced by erythritol And the chocolate filling is made of dark chocolate without sugar, and the pear mousse also contains a cinnamon stick and an anise leaf. Plants whose flavor suffices to replace sugar and whose health benefits have been proven. “Pears are a fruit rich in Vitamin Cfiber, antioxidants, copper and vitamin K (interesting for its role in combating hemorrhage),” note authors Alexandra Riccione and Jean-François Rousseau.

Hazelnut and chocolate pieces

Who says Christmas, says Christmas log. A culinary tradition linked to the winter solstice and which we cannot do without, Even with diabetes. Especially because it is possible to make one and use it.”Erythritol or any other natural sweetenerUnsweetened condensed milk and dark chocolate without sugar. A little bonus: “Hazelnuts are a source of manganese, copper, vitamin B9, vitamin E, and fiber. she It is low in carbohydrates as it contains no more than 5g of sugars per 100g“.

3 sugar-free desserts for the end of the year

Beyond gourmet desserts and frozen treats, There are some foods that can be eaten hot or at room temperature. Among them, we find the traditional galette de roi or gingerbread. Medisite presents it to you Three recipes without sugar.

First of all, it is possible to make a gluten-free birthday cake and Replace the sugar again with erythritol or xylitol. The original recipe also called for coconut sugar, which as mentioned earlier has a lower glycemic index, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. “Add spices such as cinnamon ! will be able Increased insulin sensitivityAdvise the authors. To be specific: Attention, it does not replace treatment! “


It is also very popular during the Christmas holidays. Gingerbread can be cooked without sugar. It is really welcome to replace sugar with xylitol. Honey and spices such as cinnamon, anise, ginger, and anise green will give it all of its flavour. “It is possible to reduce the amount of xylitol and use coconut sugar, but there would be more sugar! “.

Galette des Royce with frangipane

Finally, the unmissable galette des rois is also available for people with diabetes. Especially if the sugar is replaced with xylitol or stevia. “Butter can be replaced with cottage cheese to reduce the fat ‘, the authors suggest.


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