10 misconceptions about potatoes


The French consume 3 million tons of it annually, of which 96% are produced in France! And Cocurico, we are the largest potato exporter in the world! But there are still many misconceptions about its consumption and benefits. It’s time to re-establish some facts and check your knowledge of this tuber with our expert Sabrina Adam, head of culinary content at the National Interdisciplinary Potato Committee (CNIPT). A committee representing all players in the sector sold fresh potatoes.

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Potatoes make you fat!

forged. In the end, it all depends on your willingness! Steamed or boiled potatoes contain 80 calories per 100 grams. So less than pasta or rice. On the other hand, in french fries the calories are multiplied on average by five! Remember, the more the tuber is modified during preparation, the more calories it contains. A small clarification, steamed potatoes covered with raclette cheese no longer contain 80 calories per 100 grams!

Advice from CNIPT: The thicker the potato, the fewer calories, so if you eat it lighter, cut it into large potatoes.

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Potatoes keep for a long time

forged. Potatoes can be kept for a long time by professionals who have a suitable storage place, but it is more complicated at home. You need a cool, non-moist shelter to stop germination. And without light, because it turns green in the light and creates solanine, which gives a bitter taste and can be toxic in very high doses. It shouldn’t be too cold either because otherwise it will sweeten. In fact, complex carbohydrates are then converted into glucose. The ideal temperature ranges from 4 to 8 degrees, depending on the variety. “The best is to keep it as a fresh produce, in a fridge tray and only buy what you will soon consume,” advises Sabrina Adam of CINPT.

You can eat sprouted potatoes

True. Eating potatoes that have begun to sprout is not dangerous, but the larger the sprout, the more wilted the tuber and therefore the lower the quality. On the other hand, be careful not to eat the germs that are not fit for consumption. The expert states that germs can be easily removed with the tip of a vegetable peeler.

Advice from CNIPT: Place an apple in the middle of a potato, and the ethylene gas it contains will slow germination. On the other hand, never put onions next to potatoes, as this speeds up germination, warns the committee’s expert.

Don’t eat potato skins

forged. Whether it is organic or not, the skin is edible provided it is washed. In addition, most vitamins are found in the skin! The younger the potato, the thinner and more pleasant its skin will be. “We control over 200 different molecules in the store and there are very few residues on potatoes,” confirms Sabrina Adam.

Advice from CNIPT: As great chefs like Joël Robuchon generally recommend with their famous mashed potatoes, potatoes must first of all be cooked with their skins on to keep their flesh and taste intact.

Potatoes are good for health

True. Potatoes give fries, potatoes! Its pet names are not innocent, it contains vitamin C, potassium and mineral salts, and 5g of fiber for 250g of potatoes, or 15 to 20% of the daily intake. “It’s the only starchy food that does all of this,” Sabrina Adam assures.

Diabetics should avoid eating potatoes

forged. Potatoes are absolutely recommended for diabetics, provided they are eaten fairly whole. The more you adjust it, the more carbohydrates it will be.

Advice from CNIPT: Firm-fleshed potatoes contain less sugar and more water

Potatoes are not suitable for people who are intolerant to gluten

forged. No problem for those with a gluten allergy or sensitivity! “On the contrary, potato flour (starch) can replace wheat flour. I also make a very good fruitcake with mashed potatoes and water!” Sabrina Adam says. You can find many of his recipe ideas on the CNIPT culinary website: www.lespommesdeterre.com

The French eat more pasta than potatoes

forged. The French eat 19.4 kg of (fresh) potatoes annually per capita, a number that decreases after a sharp increase during 2020. A number that rises to 50 kg if we add potato chips and fries! For pasta, it’s 8.3kg less per year and per French person (remember, Gnocchi is made from potatoes!).

There are more than 10,000 varieties of potatoes

True. There are 10,000 varieties of potatoes in the world, but only 1,600 varieties are allowed to be consumed in France. In fact in this area we see 320 varieties in France, of which the same twenty are in stores “, confirms Sabrina Adam of CNIPT. In the top 5 tubers we find Agatha, Jazzy, Allianz, Amandine and Sherry.

Other varieties are not edible because they contain too much starch. They are used in the manufacture of starch, and are used in many industrial or pharmaceutical fields, as well as in cooking.

Sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes

forged. This tuber has nothing to do with potatoes. It is part of the nightshade family like tomatoes, eggplant, and tobacco! The only common point is its nutritional value of about 80 kcal per 100g too (cooked in water).


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