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The state of the market, criteria for selecting your franchise, steps for opening your restaurant, and a list of brands that are hiring

State of the fast food market, franchise selection criteria, steps to opening a healthy restaurant, and list of brands hiring: Find out the answers to all your questions in our top salad bar franchises.

Excellence in salad bars

Health food market in France

According to Stéphane Boyer, France Consumer Insights Manager, France Global Panel Division, Kantar: In France, the trend towards healthy eating will continue to be a major source of growth : Organic, Vegan, Homegrown, SME, Make Your Own, “None” (such as gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.).

And for good reason: For several years now, customers, especially urban, active and young people, have been turning more and more towards organic and healthy food On the basis of fresh products. And this, including in catering outside the home.

It is to respond to this major consumer trend that many Salad bar franchises have grown and now offer more solid business opportunities than ever before For catering project leaders who are concerned with the environmental and societal impact of their professional activity.

Choose your own salad bar franchise

In the fast food segment, most salad bar franchises require a personal contribution of between €50,000 and €150,000 to support major investments. since then, Contribution is not really a criterion for selecting franchisees for a salad bar. On the other hand, there are other, more relevant criteria:

  • traditional or exotic : Japanese, Thai, Hawaiian or, on the contrary, more Western? This is a real option that goes along with a strong marketing position and therefore depending on the catchment area.
  • organic or conventional : Here again, apart from the choices associated with personal ethics, it is advisable to take into account the needs of the local market in which it is envisaged to establish a salad bar.
  • Public or exclusive salad bar : While some brands position themselves broadly by offering fast food and more wholesome goodness including pizza, pies and sandwiches, other brands have opted for a resolutely healthy niche with an exclusive salad offering.

In the end, Choosing a salad bar franchise involves first doing a solid analysis of the local market To select the best sites that correspond to the catchment area.

Open your own salad bar franchise

Opening a salad bar generally requires following the same steps as in a restaurant. With some differences though:

  • The location of the building is really crucial to generate traffic and thus profitability. It is therefore necessary to focus on commercial areas, university areas, high-traffic pedestrian areas or retail parks, depending on the brand.
  • Building layout It is also critical to performance and customer experience. But, The advantage of salad bars is that they generally do not require extractions, which facilitates the design work. The decor should also be elegant to remain in line with the market and the image of the chosen brand.
  • DonatesFinally, also crucial: To be able to deliver it daily with fresh products Sometimes local and organic, it is advisable to sign contracts with suppliers well in advance of opening the healthy restaurant, during business. It is also necessary to recruit and train its staff but also to plan Important opening communication to support the start of the activity.

Salad bar franchises that are hiring


Created in 2006 and networked under a trademark license in 2011, the Compose brand offers consumers, as the name suggests, the possibility of making their own meals. Hot and cold dishes, sandwiches, pizza, salads, soups, juices, etc. Everything is made to measure according to the wishes of the customers.


Created in 2006 and publicized as a trademark in 2010, the Dubble brand quickly became a hit and already has nearly 50 restaurants based around the brand’s healthy concept, fresh produce, superfoods, original recipes, and a wide range of vegan and vegetarian offerings.

All power

Created in 2013 and trademarked in 2015, Eat Salad has also been a huge success and has nearly 50 salad bars in France. 11 bases, 36 ingredients, 8 homemade sauces: this is the offering that the brand relies on to meet consumer expectations in terms of healthy food.

Green is better

Created in 2007 and publicized as a trademark in 2009, Green is Better is the leading manufacturer of organic salad bars. This, in fact, is the great specificity of the brand: the positioning of 100% organic salad bars and the preference for seasonal and local products.

poke thai

Created in 2021, the Poke Thaï brand is the latest salad bowl franchise and is positioned in an unusual and exotic setting with a offering that combines Hawaiian poke bowls with the flavors of Thai cuisine, to delight gourmets in search of exotic healthy food.

copper branch

Founded in Canada in 2012, the Copper Branch brand is built on a strong and committed concept: exclusively vegan recipes. From burgers and salads to desserts and drinks, everything is vegan at Copper Branch restaurants.

beta pit

Established in 2013 and publicized as a trademark in 2015, the Pita Pit brand offers an original selection of sandwiches made with pita bread and fresh produce, as well as salads. And it is based on the same ingredients: 50% protein (animal or vegetable, to taste) and 50% fresh fruits and vegetables.


Created in 2017 and recently publicized as a brand, in 2021, Taobento also wants to take consumers on a journey with an offering inspired directly by Asia, especially Japan. And this, with a wholesome, healthy, preservative-free kitchen. Recipes adapted to vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free diets …

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