The National Alliance for Civil Action. Initiatives to support the most deserving groups in all governorates

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In an effort that lasted almost a year, the National Alliance for Civil Action launched numerous initiatives; To provide support to the most deserving groups, efforts have increased to include cash support, food support and the provision of school supplies, and among the convoys he has organized National Alliance The “Cover and Wellness” convoys, which came in application of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support the most vulnerable and deserving groups, and in line with the social protection plan of the National Action Alliance for civil development to support the most needy families in all governorates to mitigate the negative effects of the global economic crisis and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. In all areas, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, especially since 2022 was the year of civil society, and represented an opportunity to derive maximum benefit from a set of decisions and the civil labor law, on top of that the alliance was in itself an opportunity to launch the concept of participatory labor with a number of important entities. expand the circle of benefits.

A study by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Studies found that since the coalition’s work began in March 2022, citizens have been targeted in the most deserving places, thanks to the launch of a database that includes 37 .4 million citizens among the most needy, in coordination with the authorities concerned, thanks to which the coalition was able to reach 30 million citizens among the most needy and deserving groups; Provide them with support through cooperation between the ministries concerned.

Over the past year, the coalition aimed to work on the following axes:

The economic axis: providing employment opportunities and labor-intensive projects, in addition to the livestock development file and the replacement of existing breeds with improved breeds, reaching 30 million citizens for a value of 12 billion pounds, which was reflected in the state of satisfaction among the citizens, in addition to allowing young people to grow crops The strategy of reducing the import bill, such as culture wheat.

The social axis: Housing was provided to 54,000 citizens through new housing and the rehabilitation of existing housing, 25 million citizens in the food file and 20 million citizens in the water file. social assistance, through the launch of some initiatives such as the “factory” initiative, which aims to empower small farmers and develop agriculture, where 100,000 farmers have been targeted to produce the wheat crop, with full productivity of 3.3 million ardab..

In addition to the work of the “blanket and well-being” convoys, these convoys offer various interventions such as: the distribution of food and blankets as part of the “Winter Heat” campaign, the holding of an exhibition of at reduced prices, and relieve the distress of a number of fines. Cover and Wellness focuses on economic empowerment, financing micro-enterprises, helping and developing small-scale farmers through the “Planter” initiative, as 320,000 citizens were targeted in 16 convoys during of the last 3 months of 2022, in addition to re-celebrating the religious seasons, and 25 million have been targeted. That’s 5 million families.

With regard to the health file, work has been carried out through 3,000 grassroots associations, 310 laboratories, 320 pharmacies and 60 specialized hospitals, in addition to various research entities. Various health services were provided to 5 million citizens at a cost of £4.9 billion, in addition to medical convoys, which are of two types, namely curative and awareness medical convoys, where 3,594 medical convoys have was set up to serve 1.360 million citizens at a cost of £350 million. The convoys were full. The team sits for 4 days and provides the necessary treatment..

And there were convoys that had an educational aspect, within the framework of health education for the family and the mother on good nutrition, the protection of children against diseases, and prevention is better than cure, because 2.5 million citizens have been reached, through health awareness and health education. And 60 hospitals specializing in areas such as heart, tumor and liver disease treatment have benefited, as the treatment plan has been provided to 1.930 million citizens, and hospital support amounting to 110 million. books for government and university hospitals, and there are other activities; Provide periodic treatment, medical supplies, family sponsorship and prostheses, at a cost of £400 million, as part of the healthcare interest..

In addition to paying attention to oncological diseases, medical services were provided for tumors with a total of 1.93 million services, at a cost of one billion and 635 million Egyptian pounds, and heart diseases, reaching 87 000 beneficiaries at a cost of 875 million Egyptian pounds. As for the National Alliance’s action plan for the current year, which targets 14 billion pounds, and includes 50,000 projects to be financed, 30,000 already existing micro-projects, offering 15,000 job opportunities through the forums employment and developing 500,000 farmers, in addition to targeting 1.5 million citizens in the food file, 400,000 families in pensions and cash support, and 5 million citizens in the health.

This is in addition to the allocation of two billion pounds by targeting 250,000 beneficiaries in the relief and social convoy file, in addition to aiming to lift the greatest number of citizens out of the circle of poverty and to carry out an experiment that is the first of its kind at the international level, since no coalition of this type has been coordinated in any country Having a social protection umbrella that can absorb the greatest number of citizens in case of need.


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