Healthy Food: How to prepare a healthy cereal breakfast?

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Types of breakfast cereals and flakes.

Breakfast cereals (cereals or cornflakes) have become a favorite dish for many people all over the world, especially for those who take good care of their health. But do we pay enough attention to its ingredients?

Here’s how to make sure you buy the right product and how to prepare that meal that will give your mind and body the best start to the day.

Breakfast cereals are easy to prepare and, according to the British company “Euromonitor”, the British spend more on this product than in most other countries.

However, despite its popularity, this cereal has come under heavy criticism in recent years due to the high sugar content of some of its varieties and the way it is marketed. A recent report from the Food and Drug Administration found that 93% of children’s breakfast cereals contain high or moderate levels of sugar.


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