Biofuels: will it solve the energy crisis or will it exacerbate the food crisis?

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  • Souha Zain El Din
  • BBC News Arab

An employee fills a tank of a truck with diesel fuel
photo commentary,

Biodiesel is used in transport in the European Union

The global energy crisis, as well as the food crisis, is worsening, raising with them a question about the priority between them

It also raises a question about the benefit of producing biofuels, or biomass, from food crops and whether this comes at the expense of poor communities.

sustainable energy

Biofuels, of all types, are defined as sustainable energy from living organisms, whether animal or plant. ‏

Many countries have sought to grow certain types of plants specifically for use in biofuels, including corn and soybeans in the United States of America, sugar cane in Brazil, and palm oil in Asia. from the east.


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