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Ammon – honey
Honey is a sweet-tasting liquid made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Organic honey is harvested from bee colonies. It is a rich source of natural sugars. It contains powerful antioxidants and flavonoids important for health. It also has sterile properties that treat bacterial and fungal infections It also contains calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, niacin and other vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of honey for dry skin
Honey restores moisture to dry skin and its benefits for dry skin are as follows:

Honey moisturizes dry skin: it is a good moisturizer and makes the skin supple.
Honey prevents certain skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, and is also used to treat burns and infections.
Honey contains antibacterial properties: it has antibacterial properties and has a high viscosity which helps form a protective layer on wounds and prevents infection.
Honey contributes to the prevention of wrinkles: it slows down their formation and has anti-aging properties.
Recipes using honey for dry skin
honey and shea butter recipe
A daily moisturizer can be made from honey, shea butter, and other ingredients.

the components:
1 teaspoon of Manuka or organic honey.
Half a cup of shea butter.
Three tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
Five drops of tea tree oil.
Three tablespoons of rose water.
how to prepare:
Melt the shea butter in a bowl.
We add the rest of the ingredients to it.
We put the mixture in a glass bowl.
Let it cool and whisk it well for five minutes.
We store it in a container and use it as a daily moisturizer.
Honey, olive oil and frankincense recipe
The ingredients in this recipe are used to make a creamy moisturizer, and its method is:

the components:
A quarter cup of olive oil.
A tablespoon of argan oil.
A teaspoon of honey.
A teaspoon of beeswax.
Half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil.
Five drops of lavender essential oil.
Five drops of incense.
how to prepare:
Mix argan oil and beeswax in the microwave for thirty seconds.
Let cool.
We add the rest of the ingredients to it.
We keep it in a bowl.
We use it as a night cream.
honey and body butter recipe
Honey can be used to make body butter, and its method is:

the components:
A cup and a half of coconut oil.
Three tablespoons of honey.
Two tablespoons of citrus oil.
how to prepare:
Melt the coconut oil.
Let cool.
We add the rest of the ingredients.
We put it in a glass container.
We use it as a body butter after the shower.
Shea Butter and Honey Body Butter Recipe
One can get body butter by mixing shea butter and honey, and their method is as follows:

the components:
One and a half tablespoons of honey.
A tablespoon of coconut oil.
A tablespoon and a half of beeswax.
A tablespoon of shea butter.
A tablespoon of almond oil.
how to prepare:
Melt all the ingredients in a kettle.
We let it melt completely and stir.
Allow to cool and harden.
We store it in a glass jar and use it as body butter.
lemon and honey recipe
A mixture of honey and lemon is used to remove toxins from the skin, and its method is:

the components:
Two tablespoons of raw honey.
Fifteen drops of lemon oil.
Fifteen drops of lavender essential oil.
A quarter cup of olive oil.
A cup of organic sugar.
Two teaspoons of dried rosemary.
how to prepare:
Mix the ingredients together.
Add the essential oils to the mixture.
We put it in a showcase for using.
honey and avocado recipe
Honey is a powerful skin moisturizer, and it can also be mixed with avocado, and its method is as follows:

the components:
A tablespoon of mashed avocado.
A teaspoon of raw honey.
A teaspoon of yogurt.
how to prepare:
We mix the ingredients.
We put it in a bowl.
Put the mask on the skin.
Let dry.
We wash it in cold water.
Other benefits of honey for the skin
The benefits of honey are numerous, namely:

Wound healing: Honey is a natural antiseptic, as it contains many antimicrobial properties, sterilizing wounds and relieving pain.
Soothing minor burns: Most suffer from minor burns on the skin, and honey can soothe and treat these, as it has low acidity and high viscosity, and is considered antibacterial.
Reduce Symptoms of Sore Throat and Cough: Honey is a cough suppressant, clears mucus and soothes sore throat. You can drink a cup of hot water with the addition of a tablespoon of honey and drink it twice a day.
Memory enhancement: especially polyphenol honey, where one can eat one or two tablespoons of honey early in the morning, or before going to bed.
Fight against digestive problems: honey is useful in case of indigestion, acid reflux and diarrhea. It also cleanses the colon by removing toxins, promoting beneficial colon bacteria, improving digestion and preventing flatulence and gas.
Fight insomnia: Honey promotes adequate sleep by supplying the body with sufficient amounts of glycogen in the liver during sleep at night, but when it decreases, the brain triggers an emergency procedure to obtain energy. energy, which causes sleep disturbances, and honey also allows tryptophan easily enters the brain, which contributes to the secretion of melatonin in the brain, a hormone necessary for sleep.
Boost the body’s immunity: Honey contains antioxidants, such as phenols, enzymes, and compounds such as flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help protect the body against cell damage due to free radicals. Its danger is the acceleration of the aging process and the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart.
Promote Hair Health: Thanks to the antioxidant properties of honey, it maintains a healthy scalp, protects hair from damage and controls dandruff. Honey also improves seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss.
Tips for dry skin care
The following points show some tips to keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out, namely:

Drink water regularly, at least eight glasses a day, to keep skin healthy and hydrated.
Avoid using harsh soaps and use a moisturizing soap instead.
Protect the skin in winter by wearing long clothes and constantly moisturizing the skin.
Avoid exposure to the sun by wearing protective clothing when you go outside and applying sunscreen.
Avoid hot water, as it dries out the skin, so it is recommended to use lukewarm water.


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