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Many students from various countries around the world want to search for the best free scholarships in South Korea 2022, which provide students with many benefits including full funding, in addition to a monthly stipend, air tickets every year to visit the student’s country of origin. , and many other benefits Among the most famous of these scholarships is the “Korean KGSP Scholarship” or so called South Korean Scholarship, and in this article, we will show you the most important information about this scholarship.

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South Korea Scholarship 2022-2023

The KGSP scholarship is a scholarship that provides international students with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at institutions of higher education in the Republic of Korea, with the aim of promoting international interaction. in education and friendship between countries.

Although the application dates may change in days, they are announced in September each year.

The Korean Government Scholarship offers students the opportunity to be completely waived from tuition fees, in addition to airfare and an appropriate monthly living allowance.

The scholarship also covers all costs for health insurance, books, conferences, costs associated with scientific research, and university requirements.

At least 150 undergraduate students will receive the Korea scholarship for undergraduate studies and 700 students will have the opportunity to study postgraduate studies.

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Advantages Korean Government Scholarship

The South Korea Scholarship 2022 offers many benefits to applicants, to encourage them to apply for the scholarship, as follows:

  • The KGSP scholarship covers the air travel costs of the scholarship holder.
  • 20,000 KRW per month will be granted for living expenses.
  • 20,000 KRW per month for health insurance.
  • 800,000 KRW every three months for a language course that every student must attend.
  • Tuition coverage in South Korea (maximum KRW 5,000,000 per semester).
  • Korean language proficiency bonus.
  • KRW 240,000 (per semester) to support research expenses.
  • Grant of KRW 500,000 to KRW 800,000 for printing the thesis.
  • 100,000 KRW upon completion of the undergraduate program.

Conditions KGSP Korea Scholarship

In order to obtain a South Korean scholarship, certain conditions are required, namely:

  • The applicant and his parents were born in a country other than Korea.
  • The student applying for the scholarship must not be a Korean citizen.
  • The student applying for the Korean government scholarship must be mentally and in good health.
  • Ensure that they remain healthy in Korea for the duration of the scholarship.
  • Graduate students must be under the age of 40 at the time of registration.
  • The undergraduate applicant must have passed all stages of primary and secondary education before coming to Korea.
  • The graduate student must have completed their undergraduate studies before going to Korea.
  • To apply for the South Korea Scholarship, the candidate must have a GPA above 80%, and this GPA or percentage must be from the last educational institution attended by the candidate.
  • The applicant must not have attended any Korean educational institution and obtained a degree from it before applying (this means a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, secondary education is not included).
  • Candidates who have obtained 90% of the results and who have already received a KGSP scholarship can apply again, they can apply directly through the university.

Application Documents for Global Korea Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship in South Korea, certain documents are required, and it is advisable to prepare these documents before the opening of the application, so as not to delay the application for the scholarship, and these documents are as follows:

  1. Submit your resume.
  2. letter of recommendation.
  3. Provide a statement of intent.
  4. Cover letter.
  5. Submit a copy of national identity card or passport.
  6. Submit the applicant’s transcript.
  7. A study plan must be submitted by master’s students.
  8. Research proposal for doctoral students.

How to apply on KGSP Scholarship 2022

To apply for the KGSP scholarship 2022, it is important to know the universities participating in this scholarship, then test the university that suits you, and after choosing the university, it is important to choose the academic major that suits you, then write the letter of motivation, then write to the university you have chosen, in order to tell them that you wish to apply for the scholarship within them.

In case the university asks you to apply directly to them, you can apply through their website, and in case they don’t ask you to apply directly to them, they will send you an application, then will fill it out and submit it to the Korean Embassy in your country or the country closest to you, then you will need to get an appointment with the Embassy to go and apply for the scholarship.

After preparing the required documents to apply for a South Korean scholarship, you can go to the date indicated and apply, then the embassy will then send your papers to the Ministry of Higher Education in Korea.

KGSP Scholarship Majors

Here is an overview of the most important majors of the South Korean Scholarship 2022:

  • Natural Sciences.
  • Fine arts.
  • Economy.
  • business management.
  • Leisure and sports.
  • Civil engineering.
  • industrial engineering.
  • Engineering computer Science.
  • business management.
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • English language and literature.
  • Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Engineering.
  • math.
  • industrial engineering.
  • Food and nutrition sciences.
  • Philosophy.
  • clothing and textiles.
  • Chemical Engineer.
  • Biological and technological sciences.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Psychology.
  • General Administration.
  • Sociology.
  • Statistics.
  • Environmental Systems Engineering.
  • Political science and international relations.
  • Biomedical genius.
  • Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Things.
  • Chemical and biomolecular engineering.
  • Logistics and international trade.
  • world trade.
  • Energy science and policy.
  • NGO studies.
  • International Business Administration.
  • Applied physics.
  • Systems engineering.
  • Biology.
  • Korean language and literature.
  • applied chemistry.
  • Financial engineering.
  • digital humanities.
  • Applied physics.
  • feeding with milk.
  • Marketing.
  • Neurology.
  • strategic management.
  • Clinical medicine.
  • Medical humanities and psychoanalysis.
  • Public health and social medicine.

South Korean universities participating in the scholarship

  • Seoul National University
  • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • Korea University
  • Pusan ​​National University
  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
  • YONSEI University (Seoul Campus) YONSEI University, Seoul, Korea
  • seoul national university of science and technology
  • Kyung Hee University
  • Chonbuk National University
  • Sejong University
  • Hanyang University
  • Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  • Incheon National University
  • Chungang University
  • Ehwa Women’s University
  • Jeonbuk National University
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon
  • Konkuk University
  • Ulsan University
  • chonnam national university
  • Inha University
  • Sogang University
  • Yeungnam University
  • national kangwon university
  • Korea Catholic University
  • Soongsil University
  • Gyeongsang National University
  • Hallym University
  • Jeju National University
  • Kookmin University
  • National Chungnam University
  • Seoul National University
  • Kyungpook National University (KNU) – Daegu Campus

Here we bring you to the end of our article on the South Korea Scholarship 2022, and we have explained to you the most important and important information about the grant including benefits, application requirements , how to apply and some other points.


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