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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, known as KAUST, is an abbreviation to translate the name of the university into English: (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST) is one of the scientific buildings active in the development of the scientific and technical movement at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it adopts distinguished scientific and intellectual cadres, who display high talents and skills that deserve attention.

The establishment of King Abdullah University

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is located in the north of Jeddah and west of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Thuwal by the Red Sea, and occupies a vast area of ​​36 million of square meters.

The university is the first coeducational university in Saudi Arabia, and it is also one of the newest universities specializing in scientific research and postgraduate studies that are not more than twelve years old. And the officials of the Ministry of Education, where employees of the university administration were honored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

University address Thuwal 23955, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
the official website
phone number +966128080900
E-mail [email protected]

The Nature of King Abdullah University Work

The Nature of King Abdullah University Work
King Abdullah University logo

The nature of the work of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is to carry out all activities and events aimed at developing scientific research and technical sciences, in an environment that supports innovation and exploration through its various stages and study programs, which are based at the postgraduate level.

It works to promote values ​​of collaboration between the efforts of scientific institutions and accredited research entities, in an active effort to disseminate scientific knowledge and integrate it into the educational process.

It aims to help distinguished scientific executives with skills by opening the horizons of knowledge and advanced and free scientific research, through the course of complementary studies and postgraduate studies that follow the university stage and attract elite of the exceptional and ambitious.

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Vision of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Since the beginning of its professional journey, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has set an ambitious and comprehensive vision, moving towards its crystallization and realization.

It also seeks to achieve a distinguished position among active technical education and research institutions to address modern challenges and regional and global developments.

Message from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The university aspires to advance the scientific and technical aspect by supporting and stimulating innovation, providing environments for creative scientific and strategic research and publishing scientific and applied research in the most important vital fields, including food, water, energy and environmental issues, thanks to some of the advantages unique to KAUST. The technology is as follows:

  • A favorable environment for scientific research based on flexibility, freedom and respect for moral and human standards.
  • Strategic cooperation with research and scientific institutions and the global cultural diversity that fills the halls of the university.
  • Stimulate innovation, disseminate scientific knowledge and its applications and integrate them into university education to achieve economic and social growth.
  • Interdisciplinarity and achievement of long-term strategic cooperation with leading institutions around the world.
  • Contribute to achieving economic well-being by focusing on vital and important strategic areas.
  • Availability of facilities and tools that enrich the scientific research process and enhance skills.
  • Work on the sustainable development of technologies and capabilities for the public good.
  • It provides the elements of modern life which combine entertainment with advanced living requirements.

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Values ​​of King Abdullah University

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology aims to consolidate and achieve a set of scientific, ethical and human values ​​during its scientific career, which are as follows:

  • Maintain constructive positive values:
    Which emanate from the principles of success, cultural and scientific diversity, wide openness, flexibility and integrity, achieving a motivation towards permanent development.
  • Attract ambitious scientific talents and provide them with all the supporting and encouraging factors.
  • Promote the values ​​of constructive cooperation:
    Between male and female institutions, scientists and researchers, without distinction of cultural or ethnic origins or different disciplines.
  • Achieve the objectives aspiring to create an international affiliation:
    For a society that enjoys scientific well-being and technological development that is reflected in the quality of living standards.
  • Create a suitable opportunity:
    Contribute to scientific and technical development and promote innovation under the aegis of a scientific institution characterized by seriousness and sophistication and evolving according to conscious and promising strategic plans.
  • To advance the technical education system in order to realize the good of mankind.
  • Promote professionalism and respect for others and present scientific and intellectual discussions in a free and responsible manner to ensure learning and advancement.
  • Ensure to provide the best academic, scientific and professional results:
    Which stems from the principle of transparency and accountability and adopts the principle of merit and efficiency in the employment opportunities and benefits granted.

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Majors

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Majors
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Majors

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology offers excellent opportunities to study in several disciplines. Some of its departments and branches include:

  • Computer, electrical and mathematical sciences and engineering:
    It includes a number of specializations, they are; Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering:
    Includes majors in Applied Physics (AP), Chemical Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Geosciences and Engineering, Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, as well as Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Resources energy and petroleum engineering.
  • Biological and environmental sciences and engineering:
    Majors include bioengineering, plant science, biological science, environmental science and engineering, and marine science.

King Abdullah University Admission Requirement

King Abdullah University Admission Requirement
King Abdullah University Admission Requirement

Male and female students wishing to enroll in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology can apply for enrollment if they meet the King Abdullah University admission requirements. Below we show you the 7 most important admission requirements:

  • Have completed bachelor’s or master’s degree in related fields before applying.
  • The bachelor’s field of study is one of the academic disciplines available to study at the university.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or 4, as required in majors.
  • Obtained a minimum score of 79 on the TOEFL English language test from an accredited institution.
    Exempt from this condition are those who speak English as their first language and hold a degree in English from an American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or Irish university.
  • Obtain an official transcript:
    From all the educational institutions in which the candidate has joined and go to the application office, taking into account that the original copies sealed in a sealed envelope.
  • Submission of 3 letters of recommendation from professors who have taught the student:
    The letters should explain the student’s abilities and skills and assess their research performance and academic level over the past academic years, and these letters should be written by professors and supervisors who are aware of this issue.
  • A letter explaining the motivations of the student and the reasons for his desire to integrate the university:
    In it, he explains his research and his scientific interests and inclinations, his proficiency in studying curricula and academic programs at the university, in addition to his future plans, research projects and goals he seeks to achieve. through its affiliation with King Abdullah University of Sciences. and technology.

Research Centers King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology provides a group of advanced research centers with the best equipment and tools, which guarantees researchers an impressive level of precision and efficiency.

  • Desalination and water reuse, visual computing and biological sciences.
  • Centers for Flexible Computing and Cybersecurity, Red Sea Research and Catalysis.
  • Solar engineering, photovoltaic cells and supercomputing.
  • Clean-burning advanced porous materials and films.
  • Ali Al-Naeem Centers for Petroleum Research and Engineering and Desert Agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions About King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Is KAUST a coeducational university?

yes; It is the first coeducational university in Saudi Arabia.

When was King Abdullah University of Science and Technology established?

Created on December 11, 2006.

Who is the President of King Abdullah University?

Dr Tony Chan.

Is King Abdullah University of Science and Technology governmental?

yes; It is a Saudi public university that contributes to the development of science and technology.

Finally, we got acquainted with the most important information about King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, its majors, admission requirements, what it offers to registrants, and its strategic scientific and societal goals long term at the level of the Kingdom. and the world.

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