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Al Ain University of Science and Technology is one of the best local universities in the UAE. Al Ain University was established in 2005 in the Emirate of Al Ain and the second campus of the university was opened in Abu Dhabi in 2008.

This article is about an overview of Al Ain University in terms of: colleges and programs of the university, university tuition fees, requirements and how to apply to study at the university, and other information about the university. university, then follow us.

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Al Ain University of Science and Technology

Al Ain University of Science and Technology is considered one of the private universities in the United Arab Emirates. The university enrolls around 3,000 students per year, including around 1,600 international students. Teaching at the university is done in Arabic and English in the different universities. programs.

Al Ain University Admission Requirements

Students wishing to enroll at the university must meet the following conditions:

  • Submit an Emirati high school certificate or its equivalent, provided the certificate is certified by the Ministry of Education.
  • Obtaining at least 80% for students applying for the scientific stream and at least 75% for candidates for the elite stream.
  • Submit an English Language Certificate of Achievement with an academic IELTS score of at least 5, or TOEFL ITP score of 500, or EmSAT score of 1100.
  • Presentation of the Emsat Certificate EmSAT in Arabic with a minimum average of 600 or the equivalent of this certificate.
  • Obtained an EmSAT score of 900 in mathematics.
  • EmSAT score of 800 in physics.

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Al Ain University Majors, Al Ain Branch

Studies at the university are divided into six basic colleges, including 22 bachelor’s programs and 9 master’s and diploma programs.

The basic majors are: College of Engineering, College of Pharmacy, College of Law, College of Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities, College of Media and Communication, and College of Business.

College of Engineering, Al Ain University

It includes 6 undergraduate programs, namely:

  • computer engineering.
  • Systems and computer engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Communications and network engineering.
  • Space security engineering.

pharmacological faculty

It includes two programs at the bachelor’s level and two programs at the master’s level:

Undergraduate programs:

  • Pharmacy program.
  • Nutritional and dietary program.

Masters programs:

  • Master in Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

It includes 9 programs, 6 at bachelor’s level, 2 at master’s level and one at diploma level:

Undergraduate programs

  • Arts in translation and English language.
  • Islamic studies.
  • The Arabic language and its literature.
  • Arts in Applied Sociology.
  • Special Education.
  • Arts in Applied Psychology.

master’s programs

  • Islamic education and teaching methods.
  • Programs and methods of teaching the Arabic language.

Diploma program

  • Professional Teaching Diploma.

business school

The business administration program includes a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

law School

It includes a law program at the bachelor’s level and a master’s program in public law at the master’s level.

College of Information and Communication

It includes the communication and media program at the undergraduate level.

University degree issued by Al Ain University of Science and Technology

The university issues bachelor’s, master’s and professional degrees in the aforementioned disciplines. These majors are taught in the 6 colleges affiliated with the university.

You can see all the majors of the university in detail by visiting our previous article → → List of majors at Al Ain University.

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Al Ain University of Science and Technology Tuition Fees

Fees are charged for each program depending on the specialization, but in general, program fees are within the following limits:

  • Application fee: 1050 AED.
  • Course registration fee: AED 315 per semester.
  • Academic counseling fee: AED 315.
  • Student Services Fee: AED 525.
  • Identification fee: AED 52.5.
  • Insurance fee: AED 1050 (refundable at the end of the program).
  • The price of a credited hour for general courses at the university is 1,100 dirhams.

Al Ain University Scholarship

The scholarship at Al Ain University is divided into undergraduate and postgraduate level and is as follows:

For undergraduate scholarships, students scoring 98% in high school get a 40% discount on college fees, while students scoring 94% to 97.9% get a 30% discount on college fees. university fees, while students scoring an average of 0-9% up to 93.9 get a 20% discount. These scholarships are available to the top five students in the United Arab Emirates.

The scholarships for postgraduate students are divided into several sections, including scholarships for people without a family breadwinner, which offer a 50% reduction on university tuition fees, in addition to merit scholarships academic which save thirty to 40% of the credit hour fees at Al Ain University.

You can see the free scholarship provided by the university by visiting the scholarship page on the Al Ain University website from here.

Enrollment at Al Ain University aau ac ae

  • Enter the university official page from here
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select the college and program (bachelor’s or master’s) you want to inquire about.
  • Click “Show Details” for details of enrollment requirements and tuition fees.
  • If you wish to apply for the program, click on “Apply Now”.

Is Al Ain University Recognized?

Yes, Al Ain University is recognized and a number of programs and colleges have been internationally accredited, namely the university’s Bachelor of Laws by the French Council of HCERES, Bachelor of Media and mass communication by AQAS, the College of Engineering by American ABET, and the Bachelor of Pharmacy by ACPE in the United States. For more information on university accreditations, see the sources.


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